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  1. B> Dark Flow maxed with Dark (410 dts) or Dark Flow Maxed Set (850 dts)

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  2. B> maxed DF pm me hear a real good Deal 

  3. B> Dark Flow max with dark on it pm me to hear a awesome offer 

    also buy 2 Full stacks power mats 

    1. Starlord


      Awesome offer triggers!!! :cr-happiness:

  4. B> Power and Mind mats

    S> Master Sword set

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  5. B> D-Photon Core pm me real good offer 

  6. T> Master sword set +DTs for DF pm me and hear a good deal

    B> pow mats, D-Photon Core

  7. B> D-Photon Core pm me your price i buy it

  8. S>  Master Sword Set Master Sword +70 90/0/80/0/60, Master Sword +70 0/90/0/90/70, Blank SH/SHOT for DTS

    Edited by AEroxx2601
    1. serverus


      How much for lindcray???

      How much for lindcray???

  9. S> Lindcray 0/0/100/100/80, Master Sword Set Master Sword +70 90/0/80/0/60, Master Sword +70 0/90/0/90/70, Blank SH/SHOT pm me with offer

    Edited by AEroxx2601
    pm me with offer
  10. B> D-Photon Core, Power and Mind Mats pm me with your price

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  11. B > D-Photon Core pm me with your price

  12. B > DM real good deal

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    2. Starlord


      I love my dfs. They can't take my other gear from ranger and force but the dfs they aren't touching haha good luck man, I hope your trade comes out alright 👌🏼🤘🏽

    3. MadOrNah


      What are you offering for a DM?


    4. AEroxx2601


      Done can be closed

  13. B> 99 Power mats

  14. B or T> Psycho bridge offers DM and DTS

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    2. R-78


      That's because most people want DM more than PB, so a PGF can actually go for more than PB. It depends

    3. Auli'i


      The reason people like to say PB/DB are so expensive is because in comparison to DF/DM, there's virtually none of them. Everyone and their mother makes a DF/DM because it's a HUGE power spike to your character, and a PB is like wooo, I kill lizards in one less rafoie...and lots of the time it's the same amount as Psycho Wand.

      But yeah, don't even listen to me. I have no idea what anything costs, I just know both the demand and supply of DB/PB is very low compared to other Dark Weapons and/or PGF

    4. MadOrNah


      Both PB and DB, are worth less than a DM or DF.

      Not sure who told you told you that Starlord..



  15. B> Psycho Bridge pm me with your price