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  1. are these still available? and one of the smartlinks
  2. Looking for 8 PDs per or 1DT, but willing to go lower if buying several.
  3. Have 17, looking for either PDs or DTs. PM offers! Willing to negotiate on price as well.
  4. So while farming Seabed during christmas event I noticed quite a few players using the white colored weapons, which after some research comes up as a typesh/shot. Where do you get these/how can you farm them? Thanks!
  5. I have some Hell Arms that have 30 hit, but I don't know if that classifies as high enough hit % :"L also just realized typesh have unreduced specials so ignore me
  6. Looking to trade for a 0|50|0|50|50 Arms. Have: 0|0|0|40|50 Calibur 0|0|50|50|30 Arms 50|0|50|0|30 Hell arms 0|0|50|50|50 King's Arms
  7. Looking to buy a Sealed J Sword or an Unsealed one.
  8. I'm available in game now to trade if you are!
  9. cool, I'm in the middle of a quest right now but should be out in 5 minutes or so. I'll be in shortly!
  10. can I get the Bomb-Chu [45/0/0/0|0 for 20 PDs?
  11. Red Sword [0/35/0/40|30] How much would this be? (I ended up lucking into an arrest needle and don't need a POST anymore)
  12. Looking to sell a few things, prices are negotiable! Asteron Striker 40|0|0|35|0 20 PDs Ultima Reaper 0|25|0|20|0 15 PDs Spread Needle +40 0|25|0|30|0 15 PDs Spread Needle (Untekked) 5|0|0|30|0 8 PDs Angel Harp +50 0|0|0|0|40 15 PDs Mille Marteaux +12 0|0|30|0|0 30 PDs Bomb-Chu 45|0|0|0|0 20 PDs Halo Rappy Soul x2 10 PDs each Mind Mats x108 5 for 1 Def Material x50 5 for 1 Updated!
  13. well once the DT system is back, I'll send you 11 for the sanic team and an Adept/2 PDs for v101s
  14. How much for the Adepts/v101s?
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