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  1. That is really weird... especially considering orans vanilla drop is v101 from zu. 502 from astark.
  2. 23000 photon drops! That's nuts... it was super fun too!
  3. i dont think ppl should be upset. its a cool mini event... not like you cant farm pds. however, i am a bit confused. when u say no hit splitting, does that mean that i cant give u 60 pds for bringing one weapon from 50->60 hit and a second one from 40->60? at that point its just 30 hit from 60 pds put on 2 different weapons. is this what u mean?
  4. this is pure fire tho... seriously. i turned on the music like a week ago. it hits harder when u havent heard it in a couple years. good shit.
  5. got cent battles and red rings for sale.

  6. cent battle from epsilon ep 2 skyly
  7. woah where did this love rappy come from?
  8. multiplayer is great.. but having each player in a 4 person party get their own drops from the same monster isnt going to encourage either way. if anything it will make people solo more. theyre just going to solo the same quests with 4 of their own accounts in one lobby to get 4 chances at a drop from the same monster. one boss monster then becomes 4 for the same person.
  9. characters name was <3kittens btw. dunno if you needed to know that or not. i lost all my levels and when i logged back on to see if that fixed, all my equipment (lame d, guard wave, honeycomb reflector) was all still equipped, but i was level one. i put all my equipment in my characters bank and logged off right after.
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