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  1. Looking to buy a mother garb plus. Please pm me if you have one for sale with a price :)

    1. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      I'm on now and have A MG+ Make a room.

    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Forgot to include a price lol how is 27? seeing as how you and I have done bossiness in the past and you treated me rather fairly.

  2. Sticking with the movie reference theme XD
  3. torturing myself with music theory 0_o never knew understanding chords was so much to take in till now...

    1. McLaughlin86


      While chords are vital to understanding modern music, don't forget to just trust your ear. If something just sounds good to your brain, it usually is. But yes, there are a various amount of chords and they can sound beautiful as fuck. Hope it goes well for you.

    2. dwalters98


      I understand the chords now... it's just applying them with eachother and making sure they are all in the same "key". like I'm messing around with chords in the D major key.

  4. just bought a ticket from night and post hasn't been updated for a while after, just a post to make sure I'm not forgotten XD
  5. S/T S-Rank Hell Needle, pm me :)

  6. S/T off my S-Rank Hell Needle! PM me for price or with an offer.

  7. so what happens if we buy a ticket and this never reaches 50 tickets?
  8. S> Rainbow batons
    pm me!

  9. Looking to buy S>Rank Needle with hell special or blank, pm me with a price please.

    1. griffeni


      well even if it has a special other than hell you can still change it to hell for thr 10 dts it would be to add it anyway, just sayin

  10. looking at maybe getting an S-rank Needle, please respond or pm if you have one for sale, it's special, name, and your price

  11. easy fix, next time you trade the items rather than dropping XD but seriously, that sucks, sorry to hear that.
  12. B> spread needle w/ 30+ Hit

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