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  1. Why because you disagree? Just stop following it. You'll be ok
  2. No can force anyone. Like I said its a choice. I was just saying poor has nothing to do with it , at least for some , can't speak for everyone . as far as the dark weapons go I do want them and I'll be hunting pgf during the event. Fingers crossed
  3. Lol I'm definitely not poor but I'm never going to spend $500 on in game content . so I dont think poor has anything to do with it, just a choice. Now as far as hunting goes because you hunt doesn't mean you will find what you're hunting for before an event with said item is over, that's why people resort to buyin. Like the sta I've been hunting unsuccessfully but I wouldn't buy it right now because its available to hunt in the current event.
  4. I'll donate for Christmas , not for DTS , for the server . #favDreamcastGame
  5. agreed , but when you hit a certain high level you're gonna want some high end gear which is very expensive. Thats where the $$$ comes in to play
  6. I agree with @Auroboro , in game currency (pd) should never have more worth than DTs , you have to find pd by drops or sell stuff you found to get pd , DTs you just spend money and have better stuff than those who actually hunt for stuff. ............ What i find interesting is these same guys who spend loads of DT and have all the best weps , high %s, dark weps etc. , every happy hour i see those same names pop up at the top of my screen, i actually know some of these guys by name just for seeing their names at the top of my screen so often, hmm probly just lucky huh. #BuyAllTheStuff #FindAllTheStuff
  7. NO ITEM should cost 100DTs or more for in game content. how much did this entire game cost brand new when it came out on dreamcast? less the $100 for sure. Yet in game content cost more than the game itself..GTFO
  8. 500 dts for an in game item , NEVER, thats more expensive than add ons for modern ps4 and xbox games , matter a fact more expensive than a brand new Ps4 or xbox
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