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  1. My mag used to be this. A Churel From Mag Cell 213. It becomes a Churel from using the mag cell on a YellowBoze. but now it's a Preta , an entirely different mag cell mag. I'm wondering how this happened, and if it can be fixed. Thanks Everyone. I never took the mag off of my yellowboze before I used the mag cell on it, so it's confusing me a lot. Granted these mags are obtained from the same mag cell, but I used this mag cell using my yellowboze, so it should stay a Churel not become a Preta....
  2. I did this wrong

    I could have sword I got like 6 of them to drop for me last event. Kezia was there as witness! Farewell Best Friend and best of luck!
  3. Hello Everyone

    Hello SG-MasterX
  4. What does PSO mean to you?

    CHUK!!!! Remember the PSO Wedding for you and your Gf? I was there for that and yeah, PSO is my childhood too. I love everyone on Ultima and I plan on being here for a very very very very long time! So many people shaped me during my teen years and took on Game Development as a hobby ( Released two games on STEAM now, working on a horror game next!) The Monster Designs, animations and names serve as reference for me now. I LOVE PSO!
  5. Dear Kezia..

    Kezia you were one of my greatest friends on ultima and I will miss you so much! Please remember all of us! I'll never forget you! (if you want to add me on discord I am Awooshi#7993)
  6. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Yesterday, KH04S snatched an individual drop Hylian shield off my ID and ran for the hills.
  7. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Hylian Shield - Purplenum - Episode 2 - Gal Gryphon (Ultimate)
  8. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Fire Rod - Greenill - Episode 1 Dark Falz (Very Hard)
  9. Happy birthday zowwwww!!!!!!!!

  10. Zow Collab on A Song Wit me

    1. Zow
    2. lildavid07


      Idk it says u like to make music and so do i

      Edited by lildavid07
  11. HH/RNG Sacrifice

    I can only die so many times...
  12. HH/RNG Sacrifice

    As a Guide creator on how to get STA I approve!
  13. DAT HUCASEAL BOOOTY :onion-head68: :onion120:

    1. TripleR


      Oh god yes

    2. fluffyvamp


      wheres my dowwnvote

  14. PsoBB Player Portrait

    I want to be in it too! Besides that's my RAcaseal in that Picture too!