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  1. Zow

    Zow's Art Exhibit

    Added new artwork, since previous artwork didn't save on the site!
  2. Lemon

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Zow

    Zow's Art Exhibit

    (I am Awooshi on twitch, so same artist same old same old...) But damn I think I outdid myself on this one!
  4. you never said only one so I have a couple of more~ and last but not least:
  5. Zow

    Zow's Art Exhibit

    Do you feel it? The HH is approaching and you're the only whitill online!
  6. Zow

    The Zow

    It's happening again
  7. Zow

    The Hivemind Zow

    Head up baby bees and Guards! We now have a discord! https://discord.gg/tV586RY
  8. Zow

    Zow's Art Exhibit

    Added more to the dump, This one hits home for me guys... go easy on me.. and be sure to not heal me.
  9. Zow

    The Hivemind Zow

    that is actually REALLY GOOD LOL
  10. Zow

    The Hivemind Zow

    First a Meme, and now an actual Team. "The Zow" or otherwise known as The Hivemind Zow is now recruiting! We are recruiting newbies, skilled, and even veteran players! PM me if you want to join!
  11. Zow

    The Zow

    I am certainly not a queen of ultima, but I am a collective conscience for The Hive of Zow.
  12. Zow

    The Zow

    Yeah, It all started with me calling myself "The Zow" then someone called me a queen in a knuckles on PSOBB this morning, so I'm like... this is going to be a thing now. Im actually making a Team right now
  13. Zow

    The Zow

    Welcome my loyal subjects, this marks the official start of the hive mind known as "The Zow" The Zow is One, and all. BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE QUEEN, The Zow itself. We are a collective mind, we work together as a kingdom...a Zow... As a Zow you must know the way and dress appropriately. Become like this well respected and loyal subject. clicking is a sign of loyalty to your Queen, so follow Zow in Lobby, and spam "CLICK CLICK CLICK". The Queen will notice this and Click back in response. Failing to click when you see the queen as one of my loyal subjects, The queen and the rest of the subjects will spit on the now exiled! The Queen is utmost royalty, and she should not have to lift a finger for runs! Instead her most trusted subject and daughter "Pota~Zow", heir to her throne, shall accompany her loyal subjects to farm weapons and armor, now to be referred to as DELICIOUS NECTAR , for the Kingdom to prosper forevermore. CLICK CLICK my most loyal subjects and rejoice.
  14. Zow

    Zow's Art Exhibit

    Due to a meme showing at my doorstep this morning, and me being made the center of that meme, I present to you "The Zow"
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