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  1. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Yesterday, KH04S snatched an individual drop Hylian shield off my ID and ran for the hills.
  2. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Hylian Shield - Purplenum - Episode 2 - Gal Gryphon (Ultimate)
  3. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Fire Rod - Greenill - Episode 1 Dark Falz (Very Hard)
  4. Happy birthday zowwwww!!!!!!!!

  5. Zow Collab on A Song Wit me

    1. Zow
    2. lildavid07


      Idk it says u like to make music and so do i

      Edited by lildavid07
  6. HH/RNG Sacrifice

    I can only die so many times...
  7. HH/RNG Sacrifice

    As a Guide creator on how to get STA I approve!
  8. DAT HUCASEAL BOOOTY :onion-head68: :onion120:

  9. PsoBB Player Portrait

    I want to be in it too! Besides that's my RAcaseal in that Picture too!
  10. Fresh start for this old timer

    Welcome back <3
  11. Hello Everyone ^-^

    Although I don't remember you, nor do I think I have met you, Welcome back to Ultima!
  12. This is a problem. Isn't a Gift card a means of real world currency? I thought it was against the rules to trade items/dts for real world money I mean I've asked around and Soly said it wasn't. If it were up to me though it would be. Why? Well because it's detrimental to the server! Think about it... The longer this is accepted, the more money that is not being donated to the server. People are even trying to sell DTS for Gift cards! It's getting rediculous if you ask me. Sure, you could say that I am not accepting of this new form of currency in PSOBB trading. However, I am all for supporting this server, I love Ultima, and I would rather be stingy about what I accept for trades than accept the downfall of the server. This is a thread I made to discuss this issue, no conflict should be started. Please no flaming or disrespect towards one another. I just want a general consensus of this ordeal. Thank you. So what do you think, Is trading PSOBB items for Gift Cards against the rules? Is it not against the rules?
  13. Yay Me! pso1479938433.bmp
  14. The return of Zow

    To each his own. I'm glad you're still here soly.