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  1. Zow's Art Exhibit

    (I am Awooshi on twitch, so same artist same old same old...) But damn I think I outdid myself on this one!
  2. New Year Cards Mini Event

    you never said only one so I have a couple of more~ and last but not least:
  3. Zow's Art Exhibit

    Do you feel it? The HH is approaching and you're the only whitill online!
  4. Zow's Art Exhibit

    Added more to the dump, This one hits home for me guys... go easy on me.. and be sure to not heal me.
  5. Zow's Art Exhibit

    Due to a meme showing at my doorstep this morning, and me being made the center of that meme, I present to you "The Zow"
  6. Zow's Art Exhibit

    Thank you! I'm getting used to my new drawing tablet now, so yeah the Sato is AWESOME!
  7. Zow's Art Exhibit

    A less anime form of my RaCaseal, I drew this after not getting a PGF!
  8. Zow's Art Exhibit

    Added another drawing, going to use this one as my ava, enjoy
  9. Zow's Art Exhibit

    I just added this drawing to my art dump, drew it in like a few minutes hope you like it
  10. Zow's Art Exhibit

    I'm going to just dump my artwork here.
  11. My mag used to be this. A Churel From Mag Cell 213. It becomes a Churel from using the mag cell on a YellowBoze. but now it's a Preta , an entirely different mag cell mag. I'm wondering how this happened, and if it can be fixed. Thanks Everyone. I never took the mag off of my yellowboze before I used the mag cell on it, so it's confusing me a lot. Granted these mags are obtained from the same mag cell, but I used this mag cell using my yellowboze, so it should stay a Churel not become a Preta....
  12. I did this wrong

    I could have sword I got like 6 of them to drop for me last event. Kezia was there as witness! Farewell Best Friend and best of luck!
  13. Hello Everyone

    Hello SG-MasterX
  14. What does PSO mean to you?

    CHUK!!!! Remember the PSO Wedding for you and your Gf? I was there for that and yeah, PSO is my childhood too. I love everyone on Ultima and I plan on being here for a very very very very long time! So many people shaped me during my teen years and took on Game Development as a hobby ( Released two games on STEAM now, working on a horror game next!) The Monster Designs, animations and names serve as reference for me now. I LOVE PSO!