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  1. Seriously. It's like people come back to hunt STA and DM and then just dip for 9 months, afk'ing in teamspeak. >_> In other news, I'd love to see something akin to the crazy belra mobs , but overtuned and as a timed event quest. Chase a superpowered Gibbles across a series of maps, solo or as a team, slowly whittling down its health as the timer ticks. Points awarded based on progression % or kill time if you hit the end that are banked across the event, and you can trade them in for any of 4-5 tiered lottery drops (higher cost = better items), or for past event items with a random % or evp/def at a significantly higher cost. Didn't get a chance for STA, PGF, or maybe a lindcray? either drop your points on t5 cases and hope you get lucky, or farm like hell to buy one outright before the event ends
  2. I was so 3 years ago too, but look who else got necro'd. ayyy lmao But seriously, this topic should probably be locked before it becomes a thing again
  3. I feel like administration of this server needs to be more staffed, and trusted individuals be granted higher authority instead of having one person Yay or Nay changes and desired fixes. This will allow quicker reactions and improve the overall experience for everybody. Then again, this probably isn't an unpopular opinion :\
  4. Telling people how to avoid a 6-inch pothole in the road doesn't really change the fact that nobody's fixed a giant 6-inch pothole in the road. It just brushes the issue under the rug.
  5. This doesn't change the fact that super-powered Indi belras are still there for an item that is no longer dropping. Sorta like how the Meriltas are still Deku Babas.
  6. Larva's SQuirreL has been running amok as of late. Our apologies But nah, really, it's a database error that's occurring somewhere. The database effectively has a 1 where there should be a 0 so it poops itself
  7. Full dressing room CAN be enabled, much like in the GC versions (albeit only with Action Replay). I believe there has to be a little database magic to enable it, but it should definitely be feasible. On the GC side, the section ID would never reset when changing a name, which sounds like it would carry over to BB.
  8. S> Mother Garb+, GD, Hylian. Offer via pm :D

    1. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      Dat Hylian and Glide lookin good e.e

    2. frost506


      If a reaper with good hit and a hit AS magically make their way into my inventory, they might magically appear before you

    3. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      Lol both? Thats alot xD

      I can do one maybe 45 hitters are reallly rare

  9. I wish for: Excal with decent stats ALL OF THE ADDSLOTS (full stack?)
  10. Nope, I had the shoutbox loaded and lurking for that. Best time of the day.
  11. Updates shall be coming to the bare and lonely car build thread. :o

  12. EDIT: Screw this, I'm done. GG Kthxbai
  13. If this is still going on, I'm totally down for it.
  14. I understand this, and the items weren't created then as Kajex was waiting for Larva's approval to recreate the items. I'm not asking for a rollback since I knew that one didn't exist from back then. Kajex knows what items I lost, and all I really want at this point is my common bank fixed. Chuk, thank you for looking into that. A wipe would probably be easier, since those 5 items were originally just placeholders. It's probably registering the items as still in there if I had to guess, which would explain the limit of 18 items.
  15. Thank you serv, you've always been a great help. Several people have PM'ed larva and protoss about it, and it got swept under the rug each time.
  16. Fast forward to SEVEN months after I initially needed a rollback, and my common bank no longer accepts more than 18 items. I understand a slight delay with the Tower stuff going on, but I've been pretty open about what's messed up and requires fixing for quite some time. If the common bank can't be fixed, could I just get my account cloned to a new username with a clean common bank? Kajex knows the majority of what I lost, and it's not like I'm asking for STA and 90-hit weapons to be restored without any sort of proof. Thus far, I've felt cheated and betrayed. I rarely feel like playing because of my hamstrung account and a lack of action being taken.
  17. Finally bought an Xbox One last week. Whiteout506 on XBL if anybody plays ;D

  18. Hope you don't want your common bank back. >_>
  19. I can no longer deposit more than 18 items in my common bank, which has needed a rollback for the past ~6 months, and that never happened. We no longer have a backup of when my common bank worked properly. So on top of the items that I lost, my common bank is theoretically FUBAR with no way of restoring it to normal. What's going to happen now? I would love to get hit on my 7000V/9000M and get specials on the 7000V if possible, but to put it simply, I want my account working properly again before I consider it.
  20. Humid heat is 20x worse than dry heat, though
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