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  1. would not work to low atp he just need to use tech's like gifoie rafoie rabarta to kill
  2. you need pic's for the proof without that nobody gonna help you
  3. 550 atp for a mechguns? insane? 690 ata? did you ever play psobb? O.o but it is a nice plan. does people need make pic of the weapon that they want, work with paint etc. ( i got a plan for my weapon n_n)
  4. why people think pw4 is insane? its the only quest that it not care wich lvl you are, evrey one is death in 1 hit

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Dizzak420


      you found demon fork on normal difficulty xD

    3. R.A.V.S.O


      I wouldn't be surprised if you killed a booma and it dropped you a PGF XD

    4. kairi


      banned on my server oh i already did that>.< dizzak really wtf you cant see a diffrent from normel and ultimate?

      and serverus just try what i did then we go battle

  5. year i found my trade list >.< and remmember that sunnyD did change evrey thing http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1709-saskias-trade-list/

  6. Zeph

    Yup, Still -224 XD

  7. Kairi The forums lie to me they say your not online

  8. you just dont know me XD

    when you know me you wil hate me to

  9. That doesn't make sense for the hate from people,it looks more like of a jealously thing.

    You get respect people just starting stuff behind a computer.That's the lowest form of internet bullying.

  10. Anyways what's with the -225 rep?Just people that can't provide positive feedback?

  11. Yeah, I'm Karu's Apprentice.

  12. -225 =O , Took DJ's JOb

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