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  1. Zo nog 4x middag werken en weekend dE

    1. chrisNL


      t is nog vakantie voor mij ^^

  2. Happy B Day xD

  3. Hi peeps, As you can see, I'm quiting the game. Don't have the time to play it anymore. Working and getting serious in life. This is not really a farewell,, this is more like a 'See ya later guys' Enjoy the game as long as it exists. Goodbye Ultima ^^ (for now)
  4. Happy B-Day buddy.

  5. yes the server hates you,, xD nah Some Gm will help you,,if not,, just PB a GM ^^
  6. bad news for the ones above me:P GM's told me to dispose of the item,, it's the best for all,, cuz we don't know if it is a bug or not. The Anti lvl 24 cannot be used by any Legal way. Only by hacking. Someone told me,, If you hack you can use the anti lvl 24 and the effect will be: -Resta -Shifta -Deband -Anti -Reverse -Incredible Range At the same time,, but this is just a Rumor,, and like i said before,, The anti lvl 24 doesnt exist anymore ^^ This is the best for everyone. This topic can be closed
  7. Welcome dude:P if you need lvling,, ask me sometimes xD
  8. HI A few weeks ago i found this lvl 24 anti disk on the floor xD But my FOnewn cant use it:P But people say that the max lvl for anti is lvl 7 so,, i opened a topic about this with a picture:P If this is a bug,, then tell me what to do pls ^^
  9. well.. 1 hour before i opened this topic,, maybe i can be wrong,, maybe 1.5 hour,, xD sorry ive made a mistake with the time its just i dont want to lose any stuff xD
  10. Hi again:P Well, ive lost all of my items,,cuz all my items changed to ???? when i putted a Mag into my bank:P Suddenly i got error and disconnected. relogged in and all my items except 2 were all ????. Now i'm asking for a Rollback,, but im afraid ill lose a LAME with 10.000 kills (yes have pictures) Here's my guildcard GreenFart 42009360 HUcaseal Yellowboze SLOT 2 Here are the pictures Yes it is with another char,,but i transferred the LAME to my HUcaseal with Common bank Here are all my items ???? except 2 of them xD i hope ill be rollbacked (again) ^^ When i posted this,, 1 hour back,, but like i said earlier,,im afraid ill lose my lame with 10.000 kills ><
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