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  1. I got the hell laser from quest call - RESTLESS LION - came with status 50s When i log in today on my character the hell laser hit is not there no more... :/ plz help asap my guildcard is # 42006753 my game name is exodd=D
  2. Gonna get some snack and watch 1000 way to die xD

  3. I feel like I"m missing something somehow but oh well iono maybe I just have a heck of a night

  4. mid-term exam already -.-''

  5. hope u do get a rollback or ur stuff back this happen to me before i know it hard to believe and make a a true statement about this coz it hard to get evidence of the missing item but I agree with u yard stuff does disappear once in awhile in this server for a lot of player.
  6. i will give u a gulity light with hit free pm me
  7. Last night I was watching the sixth sense show they were telling this story about this guy name James Kim and his family 2 baby daughter and his wife they were lost in the wood in the winter the story so astonishing it such a tragic how he was just trying save his family in the wood but at the end he didn't make it. But his wife and kids were rescue.

  8. Walking very dizzying to my bed feeling so heavy just when I lay down I just remember to brush my teeth xD so I had it to get right back up to the bathroom

  9. I'm working on photo of my braces I'll post it up when I have time I been really busy in school and training hard for up coming tennis tournament.

  10. About to go to my dental appointment now.

  11. I'm disappointed with my test result but I'm not quiet surprise nor satisfy with it either but it just the beginning no need to hesitate or obsessive about it it not even a 10 point worth. I will score higher next one and then my old result will be crumble to the garbage.

  12. Writing 5 page essay

  13. Hallow be thy name Iron maiden

  14. I feel like I'm in hell it to hot my mind starting to swirl giving me headache.

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