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  1. According to this cringe-tastic post: it's been approximately 6 Years, 1 Month and 3 Weeks, 3 hours, 22 minutes and 4 seconds since I decided to give PSOBB a break, I believe it was because I had both got bored and heard that PSO2 was a thing. How have you guys been?
  2. take note that i may be back on at a random date probably under a different name
  3. Bye! On the 6th of february I am leaving, yeah! you probably wouldn't of known me but i was that guy who was constantly looking for clown when I signed in, and spent most of the time with clown as well... The only thing i have against leaving is that no-one will probably even care... But for those who were bored enough to read this, thanks that'll be all, continue on with your lives Cobalt V1.4.3 OS shutting down
  4. Well out of all of you , i think that me and remilia have taken the biggest hits. well.. mainly me, BUT I HAVE A REASON! he has supported me all throughout my entire 'career' on this game, the weapons, the levels, the items were all thanks to him, for that i thank him, and hope he'll come back soon, that or (not to overdramatise anything) be writing an exact same post with consideably less replies, btw don't take this as a plea for him to come back, lets just say, he was a good friend... and leave it at that, bye Cloooowwwwwwwnnnnnn (:3)
  5. skinning a weapon is generally what i meant in the way of designing the weapon, not actually coding a new looking weapon in.
  6. its generally meant to be a concept as i am an amateur coder (noob coder almost). And to answer ChrisNL's question it has to be a whole new weapon concept for the mods to pick themselves and code seperately, how simple or complex the winning weapon is (is) completely upto what the mods pick as the winning concept.

  8. I have an idea for an event (obviously) and basically what it is, is a design your own weapons competition, basically, the objective is: to skin your own weapon of your choice (in the guidelines that are going to be stated later) and submit it to somewhere (thats up to you) and whoever wins gets to choose guidlines for their very own event with their weapon featured as a rare drop for any boss they choose! Guide lines: You cannot use the following weapons : J-Sword, Psycho wand, PGF required weapons and any S-Rank Weapons. Abilities and stats: Your weapons cannot have the abilities: No Ablsolutley Broken Jellen and Zalure (limit lv.10) and it cannot increase any stats over 900, and staffs cannot increase Tech damage over 50% or SD/Resta range over 2X. Your Weapon: Your weapon must have: A UNIQUE name, it must have specified stats and (abilities within the guidelines) and MUST have a DIFFERENT look to the original weapon you based it off Template describe it like this: NAME: Example mechguns STATS: ATP + 550 ATA + 690 ABILITIES: Can cause instant death DESCRIPTION: this is an example for the people to use! And that is genrally it, Mods (especially Larva!) please look at this and see what you think of it, and feel free to change anything you want (AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T DESTROY THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT OF CREATING YOUR OWN WEAPON!). Enjoy! Cobalt (you'll find me around as Reshiram or Seraphim as well!) P.S. Please can someone repost this as a spanish (etc.) translation for the other non-english speaking memebers!
  9. can somebody help me i cant see the buttons on my shoutbox, neither can i type


    1. Cobalt12


      i cant see the textbox and buttons

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