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  1. that makes plenty of sense i left the guild i made a new one how do i edit the banner again? its been so long since ive messed with the files what name is the image supposed to be under again?
  2. I have been a part of this team for years I have been active more often than the leader im the only one still active but I still have an attachment to this guild i dont wanna leave it im second in command its sentimental to me is there any way i can take over? main incentive is to change the logo it used to be something cool but the leader decided to spontaneously log on for one day and one day only and change it now its something ugly
  3. fire rod sand rappy ultimate blue
  4. i have several all with 45 hit pm me if youd like
  5. let me know how many pds youd like and its a done deal
  6. i currently need the abilities how much each?
  7. anyone know that ep 4 quest that has the 3 pazuzu/zu that spawn in the beggining and then 3 more right after im trying to get an ophelie seize
  8. does anyone have a master raven with hit for sale also state price please
  9. 1) that v1o1 and hbattle debate still has me confused are they both 40% 2) what are the prices for donation items
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