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  1. Force Rambling May / Sacred Bow? Rambling more for Fomarl especially if using Safety Heart. Very nice list and handy :-)
  2. Tro

    10 Anniversary Ultima

    Not every new item needs to be broken op or the best in class for it to be good but some strange descisions were made this time round. I think its kind of nice for things like Arrest booster to be rare just so you can have something others don't lol. The mystery around 10 years blade should be cleared up though imo. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with that one. Hopefully it wont be long now...
  3. B> Fomarl mag and PPP mag.

  4. B> Invisible Guard, please pm me.

  5. This may need a seporate thread but I can confirm we were questing for them all day.
  6. Im interested in knowing what units you would use to fill the blank slots?
  7. What build / units would you use?
  8. No inconvenience at all, thanks for the hard work.
  9. Awsome. Trying to get right mag from event - can you confirm a 0/177/23/0 will max Ramarl with Adept / cent ability plan?
  10. If I use the ones in the plan then it comes out wrong but not by much. If you swap the guides mag from 5/165/30/0 to 0/177/23/0 and lower the Power mats by a few then it works. Question is max out EVP and DFP at the expense of MST or put all spare mats into MST and live without the defenses?
  11. Is the Ramarl Adept + Cent / Ability plan definitely correct? Its coming out 20 ATP under, 6 DFP over, 3.7 ATA over. Is it me, the calc or plan that is off?
  12. T> 110pd for 15dts (negotiable)

  13. HUNEWEARL + Sues coat = Right choice. Yes Hucaseal can use Sues coat but its supposed to double resta range too :-)
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