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  1. Id like 150 Pow Mats and 125 HP Mats, am willing to pay in DT if seller has both!
  2. I'm looking for these items with hit, preferably at least 50 Hit. PM me if you wanna sell.
  3. I got one now thanks everyone for the offers!
  4. PM me if you have one you wanna sell. Preferably tell me your offer as well.
  5. PM me if you're interested in selling.
  6. Boss drops are indeed almost nonexistent. I haven't seen anything rare drop from a boss at all in a while.
  7. PM me if you have one for sale.
  8. Send me a PM if you got one!
  9. I'm running out of space, therefore, time to sell. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN BUYING ANY OF THESE ITEMS, PM ME AN OFFER AND WE'LL DISCUSS A TRADE. Weapons Stag Cutlery 20/30/0/0/30 Boomerang 5/0/0/0/0 Guilty Light 0/40/35/0/20 Last Survivor 0/0/0/0/30 Dragon Slayer 0/35/0/0/40 Dragon Slayer 0/30/25/0/30 Cross Scar 0/35/0/40/45 Gae Bolg 0/0/30/0/30 Diska of Braveman 0/0/0/50/35 Berserk Vulcan 25/0/15/0/40 Demon's Vulcan 0/0/0/40/40 Photon Claw 0/0/0/20/25 Red Saber 25/30/0/0/30 Meteor Cudgel 0/0/0/50/40 Armors Sense Plate No Slots Graviton Plate 1 Slot Guard Wave No Slots Aura Field 4 Slots Sacred Cloth 4 Slots Sacred Cloth No Slots Select Cloak No Slots Alliance Uniform 4 Slots Commander Uniform 3 Slots Lieutenant Gear 1 Slot Shields Regenerate Gear Custom Barrier ver. 00 Standstill Shield Secure Feet Striker Plus Units God/HP x 3 God/Body x 5 God/Luck Perfect/Resist x 3 Cure/Paralysis x 2 Heavenly/Battle God/Power V501 Centurion/Power Techs Resta Lvl 30 Deband Lvl 30 Rabarta Lvl 20
  10. The mats have been purchased, thanks for the offers everyone. Topic closed!
  11. I need about 37 of em. PM me if you're interested.
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