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  1. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

    Dropped a Login on Whitil Ep2 Sinow Zoa....Idk if it can drop both that and SOV, but there may be a mistake. not sure though
  2. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

    Is this a Diablo reference? That would be very very interesting to incorporate a Horadric Cube or Kanai's Cube with recipes for events, only PSO styled up.
  3. Valentine's Event 2017

  4. Your most regretful PSO mistake?

    I regret spending over 350 dollars getting my Dream Cast online, buying a BBA, a fresh copy of the game, countless hours burning server boot discs and purchasing a DC keyboard to JUST right after all of that, discover this FREE server. Well...Relatively "free" server.
  5. Make cmode great again.

    I will def PM you soon. Name a time, today or sometime when you can and ill be there.
  6. Make cmode great again.

    Plan on starting C-mode tonight central American time around 6:15pm. Planning on being a Fo. Anyone want to join me please let me know before that time.
  7. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    I am the type of person RRR is talking about, I put as much time in as I can without pissing off the misses, while also making time to see the family for the holidays. However, I have put a significant effort into getting PGF but to no avail. I could deduce it the fact that maybe I am not "putting in enough" effort, but when I see how hard others have attempting to acquire this item it makes me weep a little. PGF makes the best weapons in the game, granted not everyone should easily have one, but it should also not cost 400 plus USD. That is ludicrous...I wouldn't dare ask for anything more than an open mind to hear an honest opinion.
  8. Lets work together for type weapons

    Sounds like a lot of fun, I'm totally down. I only have my Whitill RamAr lv191 character at the moment.
  9. This years Anniversary event.

    Knowing where to look is important I think, the rest i'm okay with. Farming, we're all down for that, otherwise we wouldn't be playing this game.
  10. This was good to wake up to and read Glad you're enjoying the server, and keep these stories coming. They're surely becoming a highlight of my day!
  11. Halloween Event 2016

    Is this confirmed, that C-Orb does in fact drop on Very Hard, but just at a lower rate?