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  1. DORPHAN ECLAIR -whithil ultimate -VIRUS SHIELD: VOL OPT
  2. centurion/luck ep 1 oran Hildetorr Sense Plant ep1 oran Mylli lily
  3. Kroe's Sweater EP1 ULT ◀ ︎ ︎ Melqueek - Whitill
  4. yes character was restarted, did not give information time because I was at work and then I got discouraged because I lost my items

    change> pr 45 A.best 40 dark by Centurion / battle

  6. I was changing the color of my Hucast when I finished I entered the lobby my game stopped and when I came back this char that was level 60 was with my mag sonita, my Machos blade, my Asteron striker 50 native 40 A.best and 20 machine, my Ultima reaper with 40 of hit and my Centurion / battle and 3 Centurion / Ability and 1 Adept I ended up losing some more items and I was discouraged when I lost that cahr and created a force in the place because the slot of char was in the creat I was very discouraged and because it was mine main items
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