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  1. White confirmed! xD
  2. That face though... I think I've seen him somewhere before... <,< Fun event! xD
  3. When I first got my MM and was SO stoked! xD
  4. Here's an old post I found... Not sure if this is still accurate or if it has been changed since last year but it's all I could dig up, Thanks to MayT3! xD ____________________________________________ Kajex what is the drop rate of each weapon? Cent/battle: FAlz Purple 1/102 falz white 1/102 epsilon skyly 1/102 KONDRIU ORAN 1/16 girtabuble yellow 1/73 Psycho Black Crystal Morfo Redria 1/73 morfos Blue 1/73 morfos yellow 1/73 Blood Sword Saint million Pink 1/9 Saint million purple 1/9 Trap/search Garanz Viridia 7/32 Garanz greenhill 7/32 Zanbeacon: VH Forest SOURCE: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/12414-ultima-summer-event-2014/?hl=%2Bsummer+%2Bevent+%2B2014
  5. Any hint or information helps at the moment! Thank you! =)
  6. Where can I find the old drop chart? xD Because I have no idea how to hunt any of these, I wasn't here for Summer 2014.
  7. Ok... this may belong in the MAG guide section and it's not a very "quick" question, but here it is since I can't find the info anywhere... Q. Can you use a Mag Cell on a 4th Evolution Mag (ex. Sato, Nidra, Rukmin) if the requirements for the Mag Cell just say, "Mag Lv50+" "Mag Lv100+" and/or "Mag with 2 stats > 70"? The reason I ask this is because it says for 4th Evolution Mags they WILL NOT evolve again. And I want to use "Parts of RoboChao" on a Sato to make it easier to level its stats from 100+. (Which means I need, "2 stats > 70" so the mag will be at least Lv145 before I can use this Mag Cell) ANSWER: No. SOLY tested, THANK YOU SOLY!!! xD
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