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  1. In the name in the weapon...Why is it called a Zanbeacon when it combines a Zanba and Bacon. There is no 'e' in either of them.
  2. I've been wondering, where does that 'e' come from?
  3. Back in the days of when a certain server was rather buggy I had a 110% weapon
  4. Anyone got any tips for Warrior's Pride? The NPCs keep dying and it's getting annoying
  5. Okay, I can see it now. Somehow Imgur got added to my block list >_<
  6. Yeah, when I go to quote to get the link there's nothing there
  7. What items can a Purplenum hunt that would be worth the while?
  8. http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/forum-8/announcement-14-item-donations-item-donaciones/
  9. It's not, this server seems to have that feature on so much it's not funny...
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