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  1. I would like to buy a PBC. Thank you.
  2. happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. eric


      Thanks man!


  3. Welcome! If you ever want to play just message me. I play too much as I have no life. Eric.
  4. You helped me so much when i first started here. Thank you and take care bro. eric.
  5. Hey man, it's lel. Thanks for playing with me while we could. I know it will get pretty lonely from here on. But hope you do well in your schooling and family. I'll still be here and I'm probably just gonna play to help the newcomers of pso.

    All the best, Take care!

    1. eric


      Thank you! It is going to be a difficult semester but I work pretty hard and have a strong understanding of most of the concepts that will be introduced this semester. I will try to be on on weekends when I am not out digging around mid-Holocene sand dunes and ice-walled lake plains, lol. Take care my friend.

  6. eric

    Few Items to Sell

    The V101 are 4 pds each, bringer rifle 50 hit 25 pds, shifta 30 1 pd, cannon rouge 8 pd each.
  7. Added Some Items. Just make an offer for anything that you see here! Thanks, Eric. BRINGERS RIFLE 0/0/0/0/50 LAME D'ARGENT 0/40/0/0 LAME D'ARGENT 0/40/45/0 LAME D'ARGENT 0/40/0/0 S-REDS BLADES 0/0/0/0/50 BLOODY ART 0/25/0/0/45 SACRED BOW 25/0/0/45 ULTIMA REAPER +15 45/0/0/45 CRUSH CANNON 0/0/0/0/25 BANANA CANNON 25/0/0/0 BANANA CANNON 0/0/50/35 GIRASOLE 0/0/0/35 GIRASOLE 0/15/45/0 THREE SEALS GENPEI VIRUS SHIELD: Vol Opt Resta 30 Anti 7 6x v101 2x v801 1x SMARTLINK 6xv502 TP Mat x2 KIT OF MARK 3 KIT OF DREAMCAST KIT OF MASTER SYSTEM KIT OF SEGA SATURN Heart of Angel x5 Panther's Spirit x3 Halo Rappy Soul x4 RICOS EARRING Cent Ability x6 Bringer's Right Arm x6 Thanks! Eric.
  8. I am looking to buy a heart key and technical crozier. Thanks, Eric. Forgot to add an adept.
  9. Ready to redeem silver! Thanks!
  10. I am ready to redeem. I have seven bronze badges. Thanks! Eric.
  11. 25% native. Make offer. Thanks, Eric. Looking for a PWand and Adept.
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