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  1. @mudkipzjm omg i was so mean. ily friend. *as I cackle my way to bed for the night*
  2. hi bbs. dropping by to say hi, xx.

    1. serverus
    2. jezbuz
    3. foiexx


      @yeyy my fave from all these ugly trolls here. ❤️

  3. People like you are the problem here. Have a nice day.
  4. Ya'll realize this game is like 100 years old, at some point we gotta move on. Some of the posts in here made me laugh though. Also most of these ideas should not be considered, fyi. Too much work for this really old game. I do support new quests though.
  5. omg, I would have won this. I'm literally one of the best players here.
  6. hey kids. :) maybe ill download ultima again and show up and out. ;)

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    2. foiexx


      LOL shut up.

    3. Yannv


      You can also use Character Viewer to read your inventory/banks, character name, class and level from your accounts: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/character-viewer/

      Without having to download the client.

    4. foiexx


      omg thank you so much, i need this so i know whats where lmaoooo.

  7. I hope this isn't fixed. Your dumbass needs to stop playing this old ass ratchet ghetto ass dumpster game 24/7. Now you have a blessed day and go outside for a little bit.
  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Sis, PSO really that important to you? Y I K E S.
  9. Never forget the legendary days when it was our lobby song/disk. I can listen to it all day, lul. How bizarre.
  10. foiexx


    I am giving out my PD's
  11. Ikr, Zabby trying to leave me for a girl after I gave him his green card. Like really...?! Miss ya, sis. ❤️
  12. I would enjoy if Zabby hit me...
  13. Don't get comfy, sis. You crossed the wrong one.
  14. Name: Luis Age: 27 Preferred contact method: Discord - LH#1517, Snapchat - himynameisluiss (message me on here so I know who is adding me) Hobbies: Playing videogames, drinking wine, professional competitive pizza eating, watching trashy reality tv, sleeping 15+ hours a day Picture: Add me on snapchat or discord if you really care about what I look like, lmfao. A little more about your self: I show up every once in awhile at Ultima but for the most part moved on from PSO, I mainly show up for the people I know and love around here which can be a long list but they know who they are. I am a law student and I also am a server/bartender. When I'm not working then I'm probably sleeping at least 15+ hours a day. 🤓 Girl bye, take your dusty ass somewhere else and don't be coming at me like that because you finna get clocked in here. Trust.
  15. Hating where you live doesnt give you permission to throw that word around. You sound ignorant when you say that. Anyways, I hope your situation gets better.
  16. Hey daddy I was robbed, fyi.
  17. Is the N word necessary..?
  18. Happy Thanksgiving boos. I'm already deep into the first bottle of wine ready to snatch a bitch or two bald today. Happy Holidays to every1. <3 Love to my bitches. :)

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