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  1. Hi everybody ! Well, I don't know how to say that but, I'm leaving. I realized that PSO was taking to much time in my personal life and I have many things to do, like playing guitar. If you like and know Dir en grey, mostly metal/jrock, you can still visit my Youtube page on ArgodArgam and see my work. Many thanks to everybody, won't tell any name, they will recognize them :3 Anyway, enjoy PSO as I enjoyed it since 2001. Farewell, ~Asylumia ​
  2. It was very nice to have a talk with you the other day and for sure you'll leave a part of you in Ultima. From now on, everything for the best, the best for the future and never give up ! Thanks for everything and may you achieve a maximum of your dreams. The Force may be with you ( :3 ), ~Asylumia
  3. 1. Went to a beach 2. Played Stranded Deep on Steam 3. Went to party with friends 4. Went to the restaurant 5. (don't know how to say it in english) did the activity when you go deep in the water to see fishes etc... 6. Went to the cinema 7. Did a road trip
  4. Am I the only one who learned english thanks to PSO ? :3

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    2. Sylph777


      i'm french myself and i've learned most from pso and chatting with english friends :)

    3. Kolective


      I'm about to learn Spanish with PSO as my guide q.q

    4. argam


      Puedo enseñarte el español por mesetas si quieres jajaja

  5. Happy to be a part of the Ultima's story. Great server, great people and also great animation (events, the GMs are kind and disponible). My father have like 6000 - 7000 hours on the game, me a little less, and now he's still playing thanks to this server (He was on Schthack before, it got down and then they're talking about a complete reboot, deleting all the characters). Keep up the good work, PSO is my favorite game with Shenmue's saga and Dark Souls (+Bloodborne) serie. I'm sure i'll play with a lot of gamers around here, having fun and keeping the ambiance and spirit Phantasy Star Online brought since 2001.
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