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  1. solved, the problem was on my network. I called my provider and he fixed it! Thanks for help
  2. Yes I was able to access this URL
  3. I'm having problems accessing the game, the launcher and also the forum, sometimes the game has error 903 and 908, and sometimes the forum goes offline for me. I did the process shown in this screenshot but I still have the problem.
  4. LEY

    Amigos de Washi

    Muito bom cara! cada print uma mais bonita do que a outra. E a print do GORDOLA pulando foi a mais engraçada kkkkkkkkkk
  5. LEY

    Washi ScreenSHOT II

    Adorei fazer parte dessa segunda edição do seu álbum ❤️
  6. I think it's missing a command that makes a random number appear as a notification in the room, for example, we're playing a game in shared mode and dropped a rare item, to decide who will keep the item, we could use a command to generate random numbers as notification in the room, so the greater number gets with the drop. / roll would be the command: D
  7. Yes, the group was in on individual drops. even because it is difficult to find a room with the shared drops, unless it is a room of friends
  8. this may have happened after my disconnect, right? or there is no possibility for that. example the player 4 of the group got an RR, but he was disconnected, is the drop of that player 4 is again dropped randomly or does he disappear along with the player?
  9. I still did not have an answer for that, just coaxing. I said if these tests that I gave are not enough I give up
  10. Well here I am again, and we are going to the second week of this case and I do not see a solution: / case closed or is there a solution?
  11. well, that was the question I asked myself after I got disconnected, "did the drop go to someone else after I dropped it?" and not the room was not shared, even why no one does it in search of a red ring with random people, only with friends who do this. if that does not convince you, I give up on this, because all my proofs are already here, I have nothing more to say and I do not want to tell lies just because of an item
  12. I found the conversation history for this game. You can find there at the end of the conversation, the leader was " 42188342 Sara x " chat20171106.txt yes I agree, but not only shows in the addon as it is also seen RED BOX
  13. Well I'm here again, I know it's boring to be here crying about the lost item, but it's a RED RING! an item that we struggled to achieve, hours and hours hunting for it, just yesterday at HH that had no one been able to drop one, only ANTI DARK RING was dropped, and I was hunting it RED RING again, if it was not a server gave I would be with this RED RING a server connection error not from my internet, because I was already playing well before starting HH, it was only start the HH "many players online" and I lose the connection. I find this unfair... I just wanted to ask a question, is it
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