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  1. T>DF set on DM set

  2. Hello everyone I was checking one yesterday and atp on these is insane. Even with a low stated one, I was doing more damage than a maxed hundred souls, so I though it might be good to make a power glove set to use on humar. Has anyone tried this yet? Cuz mine was hitless, and just like 30% in native, I tried against bartles, but has anyone tested these against gibbons, sinows or bosses? Your comments are highly appreciated!
  3. T>DF set for DM set and donuts

  4. Easter Event 2018

    What id drops soul booster?
  5. Mock GM Election!

    Cool feature! Thanks for letting the community to choose their own judge!
  6. Happy Birthday Brother 

    1. MrHucast


      hey man thanks so much! Its nice to see you are still around man :) Best wishes and take care

    2. Virec


      You know I cant leave you buddy :) 

  7. dale delete a pm so i can pm you

    1. MrHucast


      SOrry Nightmare. You can pm me know

  8. Easter Event 2017

    ok this one looks incredibly awesome. Actually I think thats even better that Schthack's Texas Massacres. Thanks guys, you just gave me a reason to come back into pso
  9. Riders on the storm... There is a killer on the road...

  10. Top ten of the ugliest chars in pso.

    From 10 to 1, being 1 the ugliest. No matter what your list is, Humar will always rank at 1. He has a plus. He is not only Ugliest, but also dumbest.

    Edited by MrHucast
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HHawk4


      you forgot my foney :cr-yipee:

    3. yanvbraz


      Don't forget your HUrrible woa!! @HHawk4

      @MadOrNah is beyond the limits of ugliness, my game crashes when he enters in lobby. Someone ban him please.

    4. Space


      None can match the ugliness of Shamby the sand snek

  11. Time for Teletubbies!

    Time for Teletubbies!!!

    Time for Teletubbies!!!!!

    Time for Teletubbies!!!!!!!!


    1. mudkipzjm



  12. Hello, my name is Goku and this is my home. Ask me anything.

    1. leezy


      catch me outside how bout dat.

    2. R-78
    3. JanenbaDMS


      No more fusion plz =(

  13. Take a look at Inferno Claw or Rikas Claw MK2, then tell me if a Claw type weapon sucks. I wish we had something like that here.
  14. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    I understand your feeling bro.. thats why I have been taking a long rest from Ultima.