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  1. Mock GM Election!

    Cool feature! Thanks for letting the community to choose their own judge!
  2. Happy Birthday Brother 

    1. MrHucast


      hey man thanks so much! Its nice to see you are still around man :) Best wishes and take care

    2. Virec


      You know I cant leave you buddy :) 

  3. dale delete a pm so i can pm you

    1. MrHucast


      SOrry Nightmare. You can pm me know

  4. Easter Event 2017

    ok this one looks incredibly awesome. Actually I think thats even better that Schthack's Texas Massacres. Thanks guys, you just gave me a reason to come back into pso
  5. Riders on the storm... There is a killer on the road...

  6. Top ten of the ugliest chars in pso.

    From 10 to 1, being 1 the ugliest. No matter what your list is, Humar will always rank at 1. He has a plus. He is not only Ugliest, but also dumbest.

    Edited by MrHucast
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HHawk4


      you forgot my foney :cr-yipee:

    3. yanvbraz


      Don't forget your HUrrible woa!! @HHawk4

      @MadOrNah is beyond the limits of ugliness, my game crashes when he enters in lobby. Someone ban him please.

    4. Space


      None can match the ugliness of Shamby the sand snek

  7. Time for Teletubbies!

    Time for Teletubbies!!!

    Time for Teletubbies!!!!!

    Time for Teletubbies!!!!!!!!


    1. mudkipzjm



  8. Hello, my name is Goku and this is my home. Ask me anything.

    1. leezy


      catch me outside how bout dat.

    2. R-78
    3. JanenbaDMS


      No more fusion plz =(

  9. Take a look at Inferno Claw or Rikas Claw MK2, then tell me if a Claw type weapon sucks. I wish we had something like that here.
  10. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    I understand your feeling bro.. thats why I have been taking a long rest from Ultima.
  11. Ramar 3 stat DM

    nah, I have one (100/0/100/100) in schthack and still there, I miss a lot. Even tho I use jacket and RR for the ATA bost. So I wont recommend 3 stated DM here.
  12. Please disregard this message!            

    1. R-78
    2. MadOrNah


      You're not the boss of me.

    3. radezz


      *disregards message*

  13. The shop keeper can sell you x10 pipes or x20 (if you are teaming with someone else) Cant see the need of setting more than x20 pipes per ttf run.. Actually, it is very weird if you find yourself using more than 4 pipes per ttf run. Yes, but I was speaking about soloing with a cast, not teaming with a force. Remember not all fos in server are concerned about healing you. Most of them rather prefer to play their own game than support. Being a fo not always means that are obligated to health people. This is indeed expected but not mandatory. Guess you are referring about Shoutgu or Sylpht and few more players. Yes, those guys can be more effective than regular players who use ranger, BUT this server has develop the ranger class over any other.. I will argue about this no more. This is well known, as it has been discussed a number of times. Just take a look at how many specials can be added to YAS series.. Some honorable mentions are YAS9M (rifle range/mech animation/ decent ata /can use gush, burn, charge and demons) Come on.. YAS7V (The best hell type weapon in game, there is. Also has more base ata than AS, and auto aim) DM (just tab like if there will be no tomorrow) FS or SQ (Rifle range and freeze everything) Then add CB and RR to the class with the highest ata in game, and then come back and let us know if you still think this is not the most OP class with the best game breaking stuff in game Means that a ranger is more capable to kill everything before a regular HU gets close enough to land a hit. Yes. Forces are good here. My fave is fomar. I love to play the battle fo. Yes, maybe to increase the mats storage capacity. This can help midori