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  1. I LIVE. After many many distractions i am ready to play some friggen phantasy star again.

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    2. drdingus


      yeah man we all can see it ;D

    3. Trigunman


      Just when you think you've escaped, it sucks you right back in, MWUAHAHAAHAHAHAhahaha.... ha... *COUGH*COUGH*  Ahhh errr, welcome back man!  :lol:B)

    4. Lone Ranger

      Lone Ranger

      Welcome back and Good luck

  2. So i went and made another Sato MAG. This time for my Hunie that just hit 100 recently. Thought it was about time i gave her a dedicated MAG.



  3. Hopefully this post at least helps some people with figuring out how to deal with the soul steal better. Some may know and just dont care but i really get the feeling a lot of people just dont know what it does.
  4. I've had 200's running me or helping me run other players through TTF's that will sometimes just keep whaling on Falz and ends up killing me or the other players. One time killing some poor guy and then immediately killing falz afterwards. Which im fairly certain meant he didn't get the EXP. Basically it doesn't sound farfetched to me that they are just trying to get it done as quick as they can with no care for the teammate dying
  5. Didn't i put this in general though? Maybe i should change its name to that tho- Then people can just put in such things XD
  6. I would hope thats simple enough to figure out for most people-
  7. So after about the 14th time in the past 3 days of being killed by dark falz's soul share i think its clear not a lot of people are aware of what he's actually doing there. So for the sake of not constantly dying to that move due to people not knowing whats going on, and to save loads of other peoples bacon too, i shall explain. What he does when you see someone float out of their body and then show up in Falz's big ol chest mouth is taking part of their soul and sharing it with himself. What this essentially does is cause the person who's soul he is sharing with himself to take an
  8. And there he is. After about two days in development. Hopefully it was worth the weight. It totally was i love it Now. As a RAcast what should i focus on leveling up on Sato now?
  9. So i got it to 50 doing everything as told. It became this. Got twins. Didn't seem like there was any issues but when i went to keep feeding anti pari's it just boosted defense up instead of Dex. What has gone wrong and what do i do now? Edit: So theres no need to panic apparently. Nothing went wrong the effects the items have on the mag have just changed. Antidotes are boosting Dex now instead of the anti pari's. So i guess i just gotta keep an eye on any transformations the Mag makes and see what effects change. And i should be able to get everything done as pla
  10. Ah thank you. Thats really helpful. New questions now- Was clicking around my menu too fast and fed it a dimate by accident. Its power went up a little and so did its defense. But nothing leveled up. It should be fine still right? And also. Do i need to keep using the ranger i made till level 50? I dont gotta switch to a hunter or anything? I just feed it what i gotta till level 99 then switch to the Fo for the last dex?
  11. Hopefully this is an okay spot to put this post. Sorry in advance if its not. So anyways i've been following this here guide http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1024 And so far i've done nothing but feed the MAG antidotes and its currently level 12. Its a Kalki. My ranger i made to feed the mag is a RAmarl with bluefull. So i dont THINK i've screwed anything up yet so far. Its the next parts im worried about though. Does it want me to Keep feeding the mag all the antipari as the ranger till level 50? Or do i use the Hunter/Force to feed the antiparalysis? The
  12. For the very small amounts of friends i have here on Ultima. Mainly the even smaller amounts that actually bother checking on me XD. I'll be off playing PSO2 for a bit. Finally jumped through all the hoops to get it running in English and all that so im gonna go wild with it for a while. I'll be back to good ol classic PSO eventually tho dont you worry.


    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Tis a good game, have fun running around the ARKS ship. If you need help with anything in-game let me know, i've been up there nearly as long as i've been here.

    2. Mr Noob

      Mr Noob

      I hope you enjoy that. I got bored of pso2 and got back to pso bb. I guess having all my chars with god likely powers was not my thing :P

  13. Ah welcome. Im not one of the newest people around finally i think lol. Also. As a fellow xbone controller user. You gotta have it plugged in and ready before starting the game. I had the same issue when i started lol. XD Also glad ya enjoy the game. Years after its original release and people are still finding their way to this amazing game and experiencing it for themselves. Thats just something neat about this game i find. Not a lot of games manage to exist after their "Death" quite like PSO does. Says something about its quality i would say. Im sure if you keep play
  14. I figured out how to sit in chairs finally. So uh. Heres a screenshot of my RAcast enjoying a nice sit in his fabulous purple chair i guess.
  15. So that seems to have fixed it Thanks so much friend. I am slowly hulking around and gunning everything down once more. Such as how android life should be.
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