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  1. Yeah it's part of my autodesk architecture package that I use to animate building construction but it's all I had and I know how to use it. There might be a blender extension but more research needed. If Maya can do it there's ways to "acquire" it without the money... not that I condone such things. I'll have to keep looking for a program that can make it work I was just hoping someone already knew. The dream is still alive. They're all my screenshots the UI is 3ds max that's just a crop of the quad screen.
  2. These are from 3ds max 2022 I think the gifs are from blender (which I'd never used before) where I was trying to get the flame above the devil chao to work since it isn't an architectural design program like everything else I have available. The body I used in those pics to roughly scale them is actually a model from Ultima I ripped using Noesis but I can't get them BACK into an .nj/nja format that pso will read as neither 3ds 2022 or blender can make them. From a looooooot of googling the only program I found that used to do it is 3ds max 2 and it is literally as old as psobb
  3. I knew I'd stolen the idea from someone 🤣 this literally all stems from that post and hopefully we both end up with what we need which is more chaos lol
  4. I've never got so angry at a game like when one of them would die for no reason lol
  5. Hey all, so a while ago someone posted about putting some SA2 chaos in the game and I lifted that idea and put together a few models of the end game ones. They're a lot blocky mostly because I have no idea what the psobb poly count is like so I went with super old and crap 🤣 I can smooth them out a little if the game can handle better (I hate the angel one so so much). I couldn't get the flame or ball of light to work for the 2 on the right. OK, issues I have and the reason for the post; this is the first time modelling anything other than buildings for me
  6. Ultimate - Episode 4 - Oran - Kondrieu - Stellar Shard
  7. Ultimate - Episode 1 - Purplenum - Vol Opt - Virus Shield: Vol Opt
  8. Ultimate - Episode 4 - Redria - Del Rappy - Centurion/HP Ultimate - Episode 4 - Oran - Del Rappy - Centurion/Body Ultimate - Episode 4 - Oran - Dorphon Eclair - Godric's Cloak
  9. Ultimate - EP2 - Viridia - Belra - Centurion/Body
  10. Ultimate - Episode 4 - Redria - Shambertin - Stellar Shard
  11. Ultimate - Ep4 - Redria - Astark - Centurion/Luck
  12. Ultimate - Ep1 - Viridia - Baranz - HRC
  13. Yellowboze Kroe's Sweater - Ult Ep4: Merissa A Love Rappy Beak - Ult Ep4: Zu Rianov303SNR-4 - Ult Ep4: Yowie
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