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  1. Purplenum - Ultimate - Ep 1 - Melqueek - Yellow Merge
  2. Episode 2 - Seabed - Sinow Zele - Purplenum - Ultimate - NYC
  3. Purplenum - Ep1 - L&K38 Combat - Baranz - Ultimate Purplenum - Ep1 - Murasame - Pouilly Slime - Ultimate Purplenum - Ep2 - Toy Hammer - Recobox - Ultimate
  4. Ultimate - Ep4 - Kondi - Nakas - Oran
  5. Ultimate - Ep4 - Purple - Merisa AA - non event
  6. Episode 1 - Hildetorr - Ultimate - Non Event drop all IDs except Redria (couldn't get any drop)
  7. Magic Hammer - Purplenum - Deldepth - Episode 2 - Ultimate
  8. Yeah it's part of my autodesk architecture package that I use to animate building construction but it's all I had and I know how to use it. There might be a blender extension but more research needed. If Maya can do it there's ways to "acquire" it without the money... not that I condone such things. I'll have to keep looking for a program that can make it work I was just hoping someone already knew. The dream is still alive. They're all my screenshots the UI is 3ds max that's just a crop of the quad screen.
  9. These are from 3ds max 2022 I think the gifs are from blender (which I'd never used before) where I was trying to get the flame above the devil chao to work since it isn't an architectural design program like everything else I have available. The body I used in those pics to roughly scale them is actually a model from Ultima I ripped using Noesis but I can't get them BACK into an .nj/nja format that pso will read as neither 3ds 2022 or blender can make them. From a looooooot of googling the only program I found that used to do it is 3ds max 2 and it is literally as old as psobb and I can't get my hands on it. As an alternative solution for just these mags the SA2 models are already in .nj so (possibly) no formatting would be needed if anyone can get hold of the real game and lift their models just copy and paste with the help of some genius programmer? 😂 I've read a lot of shiva reddit which is how I learnt how to rip the (fomar?) body to use as a scale but nothing on modelling just skinning and ripping. As you say I guess the modelling stuff is kept private.
  10. I knew I'd stolen the idea from someone 🤣 this literally all stems from that post and hopefully we both end up with what we need which is more chaos lol
  11. I've never got so angry at a game like when one of them would die for no reason lol
  12. Hey all, so a while ago someone posted about putting some SA2 chaos in the game and I lifted that idea and put together a few models of the end game ones. They're a lot blocky mostly because I have no idea what the psobb poly count is like so I went with super old and crap 🤣 I can smooth them out a little if the game can handle better (I hate the angel one so so much). I couldn't get the flame or ball of light to work for the 2 on the right. OK, issues I have and the reason for the post; this is the first time modelling anything other than buildings for me and these are from 3ds max 2022 and I have no idea how to make them able to actually get in the game or turn them into .nj files. I have no real idea how the pso modelling system even works so anyone who can shed light on that or help me would be appreciated. As well as if it's possible to animate them for the proc. These are just some 2 or 3 key frame ani ideas for what they could look like in my head but again no idea how feasible that is. (other movement suggestions welcome if I can get them to work) So if I can make them work and the powers that be even want them in the game for us all to hopefully have more trips invincibility mags to use (please make them worth using 😂) I mocked up some positions for them as they hang out behind you but welcome other ideas for that too. If it's not possible to get them into the game then that's fine but I've come as far as I can on my own so thought I'd reach out. Thanks for reading.
  13. Okidoki let me know when you want it
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