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  1. OK, I don't know if you guys do this or not, but I have multiple witnesses that the game gave me a special banner item. As soon as ep2's final boss ended, the game suddenly disconnected and all 3 of us were kicked out. Now, coming back to the server, my item list do not show the special item I had rewarded to me. The issue is that this happened so fast, and I don't even know what the hell this special item was in the first place. I cannot recall the name, along the lines "something STRIKER". It was a banner find, and many people, not even just the party, but others in the lobby are witnessed to it as well. PLEASE can anyone of the GMs help me in a possible recovery, or at lease a compensation AS good as this special item I've lost? Thank you for reading. EDIT: So I feel like a god forsaken fool, but it's resolved. I threw it out by accident earlier in the stage, thinking it was a hand gun that kept respawing every few pickups. Zeno (thank you so much) picked it up for me and let me know of what happened. My bad, guys.
  2. Hey, the attachment is unavailable from your response.

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    2. RazfeldtOmnipotent


      ok wait a second... it says i only go up to 49p/43d when i reach the limit.

      Is there something else im supposed to do?

    3. Trigunman


      That's what I was saying, when you feed it the next dimate, it will hit lvl 100 and the mag evolves.  Therefore you must choose who will feed it that last dimate and evolve it into the range of mags I listed.

      The character class and section ID is the key to a mag's evolution.

    4. RazfeldtOmnipotent


      OK, forgive me, I read it again after posting this.

      Thanks for your help and tolerance, I appreciate it greatly.

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