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    I dont play here often anymore, because I got everything I wanted within a matter of a year or two and then stopped playing. As did 80% of this server's community. I don't think you can even argue that the difference between 80 players on the regular and 15 players on the regular is massive. I also didn't say it was dead, I said the server's life span is shorter because of how much easier it is to get what you want. That alongside the p2w model the server possesses that really turns people off. I like this server for what it is, but it's undeniable that making games like this easier makes the lifespan significantly shorter.
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    I can't see this fact changing even if rates are increased during events though. And realistically, this just means that the event drop rates will be coded as twice as hard as previous. People nag for happy hours even when it's already on.
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    Arrest Booster - Saint Million - Whitil - Ult EP4 confirmed.
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    Sword of Ultima - Gi Gue - Bluefull - Ultimate
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  6. 1 point
    Valid points, as such I have stated that this was solely to provide a consistent chance of a drop during events and getting rid of Happy Hours. If anything Happy Hours makes it ALOT easier to get a drop during its 3 hour duration then what I have proposed, but honestly we will never know because even if 100% of the people said yes to this proposal it would still need to be implemented. A pipe dream to say the least but a good debate nonetheless.
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    Happy birth day buddy! I hope you enjoy it a lot ^^
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    Sometimes you're going to have to understand that you aren't entitled to getting something on this game just because you put the effort in. You're just gonna have to accept that you may not get what you want, hunting or not. But making it easier isn't the answer. Making it easier makes the server mode dead, and this server already had a VERY limited life span given how easy it is.
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    Happy birthday Virec. May God bless you and protect you. Allowing you to always be this great person who is for many, many years to live.
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    Updated data for Kondrieu drops while hunting STA. Only one left to confirm is Viridia: Viridia - unconfirmed event drop Greenill - regular drop Skyly - regular drop Bluefull - regular drop Purplenum - Naka's card Pinkal - regular drop Redria - regular drop Oran - regular drop Yellowboze - Naka's card Whitill - Naka's card
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    Mr Nakas Card - Viridia - Dark Falz - VH
  12. 1 point
    Ultima Bringer's Episode 1 Ultimate Dark Falz Greenill
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    Hands of Justice - Purplenum - DelBiter - Ult
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    hand of justice - delbiter - skyly - ultimate
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    Purplenum Kondrieu Ultimate: Naka business card Also this is wrong
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    Naka card : RED ULT Barba ray ep2 Hand of justice : RED ULT Delbiter ep2
  17. 1 point
    Whitill - Delbiter - Hand of Justice (Ultimate)
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    As Wilson said, it's already easy enough to get things here as it is, and to make it even easier would be borderline laughable. All you would do is enable people to get everything they want and quit even faster than people already have been doing. Look at your population, 19 people a day? Yeah, and you wanna increase drops to be even easier? Do the math dude, it's not hard. Also, I don't know how you could possibly see me saying that is equal to saying to stop suggesting and to stop caring. I never said that, or insinuated it. You can care all you want and suggest all you want, but as the poll shows, you're one of the minority. Majority doesn't want it. I'm simply informing you of a copy cat server that makes things even easier to find and makes it even easier for you to quit the game if you're not content with having to actually hunt for 3 hours for something. God forbid you actually have to hunt in a grind game about hunting things. Golly.
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    I think if you wanted an extremely dummed down version of Ultima like you're suggesting you could just move to Destiny.
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    Sonicteam Armor - Ep4 - Sham - Ultimate - Whitill
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