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    Hey guys im back! I'am restarting RevX again if you would like to join please see Bun, Pop, or myself. Hope to see you!
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    every time i come online this guy ask me for help so i decide to help him lol solved PD: stop posting status about help lol!!
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    Who even bothered looping the OGG file for that song?
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    she must mean u guys <.<. >.>
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    Hello shade i am armando nice to meet you good luck with bringin back your team salutations
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    Mmmm... just about everything! hahah Almost every item has either a slightly higher rate or a much higher rate. Items with more than 1% chance of dropping were either not changed or increased very slightly. Most items below 1% chance of dropping got big increases (double or triple boost!). Here are a few examples: FORMAT: ITEM OLD DROP % from the "New site" / NEW DROP % Barbarous Wolf/Gulgus-gue INFERNO BAZOOKA 1 0.142065 % / 0.3157 % Sinow Gold/Sinow Red HEAVEN PUNISHER 1 0.00055 % / 0.001 % Chaos Sorcerer/Gran Sorcerer LAVIS CANNON 1 0.003535 % / 0.0101 % Chaos Sorcerer/Gran Sorcerer PSYCHO WAND 1 0.00035 % / 0.001 % La Dimenian/Merlan SPREAD NEEDLE 1 0.110495 % / 0.3157 % So Dimenian/Del-D DF FIELD 1 0.033915 % / 0.0969 % Epsilon RIKA'S CLAW 1 0.09471 % / 0.3157 % Morfos TRIPOLIC SHIELD 1 0.03876 % / 0.0969 % Dolmolm MONKEY KING BAR 1 0.09471 % / 0.3157 % Epsilon Cladding of Epsilon 1 0.4689 % / 1.563 % Del Lily PSYCHO WAND 1 0.110495 % / 0.3157 % Epsilon WEDDING DRESS 1 0.20724 % / 0.6908 % Virdia no longer gets red ring... but now gets the Anti Dark Ring!
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    All armors that boost techs are hard coded in the exe by sega. This includes mother garb +, ignition cloak, congeal cloak, cursed cloak and others. Every armor suggested by Armando and Redshift are default sega armors and were not added on schthack. They exist on all servers. When we use lee's PMT editor to save tech boosts, they do absolutely nothing. According to lee the only armors that can get tech boosts are the ones created by sega. No new ones can be added. I'm sure he could figure out a way to reverse engineer the tech boosts in the exe, but for now none of our boosts work. This means that armors we have placed boosts on do not work at all: Godric's Cloak - Was supposed to be gibarta/gifoie boost. Does nothing. Sue's Coat - Was supposed to be resta, shifta, and deband. Does nothing. Samurai Armor - Was supposed to be rabarta. Does nothing. I've asked larva if we can look into modifying the stats to compensate for the lack of boosts. I'm not sure if he has decided to do that or not. Here's what the new armors should do: Godric's Cloak - Bonus of 30 ata and 30 atp (though I think the ata is broken at the moment). It's supposed to be fomar only, but someone has reported it working on fonewm. Sue's Coat - Bonus of 100 atp. Usable by hunewearl and hucaseal. Both armors have some good stats/resistances. I forget the exact stats, but we will be placing them in this page shortly with stats, requirements and descriptions. The only bad stat is godric's cloak's DEF. Currently the min-stat version is 30 def. I personally would like that raised since the tech boosts are broken, but even if it stays the same, the evp is like 300 and it has great resistances.
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    Hi GM`s , MOD`s & LARVA *?????* bug at 00:53 server time Arashî GC : 42113922 Slot 2 after transfering 4x NoobHp to my char Arashî , Under9000 and me started TTF while runnin to warp and trying to equip one i got *dced and i had *????* bug again this time i did lose everything in my Inventory only 4xNoob is left : so almost all that was given back at 20. April by Rocky/Xceptional is lost again --> LINK : http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/11755-need-a-rollback/?p=92349 here a little History how my stuff did move between my chars : im not sure if it is 22 April Server date same as my post / but i made this post immediatly after *???* Bug happend 23:45 for beeing able to make TTF i transferd all items from Arashî GC : 42113922 SLOT 2 to ---> HYK4R0 GC : 42113922 SLOT 1 00:45 after TTF transferd all items from HYK4R0 GC : 42113922 SLOT 1 to ---> Arashî GC : 42113922 SLOT 2 00:53 server time *???* Bug happend while tryin to equip one transferd NooBHP At this Timepoint all my stuff was on Arashi GC : 42113922 SLOT 2 So lets try a *Rollback* at 23:00 - 22.04.2014 for Arashî GC : 42113922 SLOT 2 As for the Dark Weps im still waitin for Larva`s confirm I think my account is bugged having 2x *??????* bug in 1 day and Total 3x *????* bug in 1 week --> bugged account ? 1st. *???* Bug -> http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/11755-need-a-rollback/?p=92089 2nd *???* Bug -> http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/11830-bug-need-refund/?p=92590 List of lost Items PROOF : Dark Meteor 0/80/0/80/50 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-184739-641.jpg lost@ 1st *???* Bug Dark Meteor 0/0/80/80/50 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-184856-902.jpg <--- belongs to ARMANDO* lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Dark Flow 0/100/0/100/50 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-184948-951.jpg lost@ 1st *???* Bug Astereon Striker 0/0/30/0/70 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-185123-669.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Ultima Reaper 25/0/45/0/70 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-185244-293.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Arrest Needle 0/0/0/0/40 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-185333-130.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Frozen Shooter 20/0/30/0/35 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-185429-233.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Yas 9k Demon 30/0/0/0/70 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-185533-987.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Yas 9k Charge 0/0/0/0/60 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-185614-663.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Clio 0/35/0/35 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-185652-906.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Tyraells Parasol 0/0/0/0 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-185758-108.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Excalibur 0/0/30/50/30 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-185940-331.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Excalibur 40/45/0/35 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-190009-374.jpg lost@ 1st *???* Bug Cent/Battle,2xAdept,V502,Cure/freeze http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-190157-884.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug 1xWedding Dress Max http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-190324-447.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug 1xRed Ring Max http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-190550-712.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug V801 http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-190943-813.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Cent/Power http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-190635-739.jpg lost@ 1st *???* Bug 3xCent/ability http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-191017-799.jpg lost@ 1st *???* Bug Cent/Mind http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-191047-612.jpg lost@ login Server down did not Save Mag : Elenor 5/195/0/0 PB`s : Twins,Golla,Farlla http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-191327-678.jpg http://www.bildercache.de/bild/20140423-191412-439.jpg lost@ 3rd *???* Bug Please check my account something must be wrong i really need help. /meanwhile i did reinstall PSOBB Ultima and will not use skins again. not sure if it helps but Vanilla here i come Hope this time my post is easier to understand *thanks in advance*
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    Welcome back the fold sir!
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    Fianlly you have returned to us welcome back!,...now I'm sure you know I have something on my mind about you ^^ from what iv'e been hearing you seem really key into the eyes of Battle Mode. But *Meh* I explained all of this in our proposition anyway glad to have you back dude.
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    Okay thanks for such a complete answer, nessly. I'm not sure why the discrepancy in the drop rates. We didn't change those that I'm aware of. The only thing I can guess is that the drop table was generated without the DAR (drop anything rate). There's no way larva edited the drops on that many items. Though the old drop table was from Christmas, so it's possible some things have been changed in the past 6 months. I don't think anyone will argue at the loss of viridia red ring. Everyne hunts it with whitill anyway. Much better odds at getting something valuable now. And it's a permanent drop, so that's even more awesome.
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    The armor will most likely not come with slots. Red Ring is 25, if you pay 35 you can get a Maxed Red Ring.
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    I honestly consider happy hour or event's like it as toxic to a servers community in the long run, because people who would normally just play, will hold off till they know it's on and just sit in lobby, it's why i wanted to code it as a randomly chosen time on schtserv so they never know when it will be on.
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    Sell it to me now that you have it back xD
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    Done another MASS-Donation with a total of $200 =] Hope you GM's appreciate this. =]
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    Protoss will probably not be able to help you with this. protoss can't do a rollback because you didnt have all the items on the same character during 8 hours or more on the same day within the month, or please tell everyone if protoss is wrong because as far as protoss knows you get the items from different characters everytime you want to play with them. and if protoss is wrong please make it clear on when you had all the items in the same character to do the rollback, else please make it clear so we can talk to larva about starting to recover the dark weapons.
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    Visual representation of your luck. Protoss will help you with this.
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    muchas gracias protoss
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    this happens to you more often than it does to me D:
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    1st off,I respect you as a pso player,thats about as far as it goes. I really dont care how much heat i catch from this but i am going to speak my mind. In ur 1st video,you talk about being a leader of ur team and on how helping the ones on your team in need of items and the most help. Your team was the 1st team i had ever joined on this server. You probly dont even remember me being on ur team but i do. I had just hit lvl 100. I was recruited by you when i was sitting in the lobby. At the time i had no team or friends,also did not own any good items,so i joined. I was on your team for a less then 2 weeks. No one talk to me nor did any one help me. I remember asking for your help personally 3 times. You told me you would help me. That help did not come. I left your team. I joined Avion. I got more help from them in a day then i got from you and your team the weeks i was on team. This video. You spoken about how Kajex saved the day,he saved the red ring. Correct me if i am wrong but your team looks up to you and so do others that are not on your team. You may not be a GM but some respect you as tho you were one. Should you have said"Hey guys obvious something is not right with with the RR drops,it has to be a bug or glitch,we should not abuse it" but instead what did you do?? You join in and abused it to!!! My question to you is: How long are you going to spread your bullshit? Me and a few others are allergic.
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