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  1. Of course i do kaje. Also glad to hear that chuk.
  2. Hey guys im back! I'am restarting RevX again if you would like to join please see Bun, Pop, or myself. Hope to see you!
  3. naaaaaa not really there still really fun to use
  4. ok then nerf it to was lk was the only reason why lk was sooooo strong was of how many times it is master raven is just like mech gun so if you nerf it to the atp of lk then everything should be fine cause lets be honest im sure a lot of people want to solo with there awesome hunter and not with there lame ass rangers. rangers are soooooooooooooo first year of pso hunter are the new thing
  5. Guess whos back. Back in black MEEEEE anyway why im posting is maybe something could be changed and i have some good reasons i think so o.o anyway i was kinda upset when lk lost combo i was all like noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo then rage flipped my desk but then at that moment a thought came to my head and i was like WAAAIIIIT since last swan has combo randomly should master raven to? i mean it makes sense that hunts should get a semi good range weapon im not asking for something like the lk that was fun and all but overpowered in general xD but maybe we can give master raven combo so hunters can have something semi good to depend on for those boss fights with range like barba ray olga flow a lot of the bosses in ep 1 and 4 from the couples days i have been back i havent seen much hunters and it makes me sad i was all like Q~Q and stuff but yea this is just something to think about PEACE OUT!!!!
  6. Shade

    Easter Event 2012

    btw game magizne isnt new i have it xD
  7. goodbye sesi ^^ you will be missed and good luck on your future travels
  8. i cant evolve shade any more if i did it would be hax xD
  9. well some of you make good point and btw free that video that guy did it in VH.... ult doesnt die that fast and plus he got really lucky to. and the more i think of it maybe LK is a cripple i think the main reason im mad about this is because i spent like 4 ps's on my LK and spent 2 naka cards to get it hit so i mean all that will be of waste which means to me i wastes like hours of game play and trades.... im sure that pisses off a lot of people hopefully we get something in return since they are useless to all classes and excal should be for all classes still gives FO's a big punch and RA's to. but the thing i think that still bugs me to and sorry to bring this up again larva but if you knew people were going to depend on it so much why put it in the first place? juuuuust saying ^-^
  10. they wont even think of doing that.... just saying thats way to many to count
  11. you also have to think about how many player put time and ps's into there lk's so of course people are going to be mad and plus i dont like charge mainly cause i dont have meseta glitch so i dont feel like blowing thru my meseta like a mad man not many have that glitch so i went to master raven which is not a crappy wep its really good. so i dont think you should take it away since your going to make monsters harder... and larva just saying if you knew this was going to happen why you do it? lol.... a lot of players put tons of ps's into there lks juuuust saying
  12. Well there is alk going around about LK 38 is getting its combo taken away im not sure if its true or not but if it is i think it shouldnt be taken away and if you do take it away give master raven combo in replace ment thats my thoughts hunters and FO's should have a good multi hit gun and not some crappy mech gun that you can buy at the store i hope other with support this to keep LK 38's combo if there is a thought to take it away
  13. yea well i think its kinda cool how this server can pull together to fix its self and we all care i do like that a lot and bun did nothing shes an angel she just keeps the server going cause of donations yay go bun
  14. well i do have a thought but im thinking there is a set amount for donation and once its reached for that month you will accept no more donations to help stop the economy from going down its just a thought i know it will be shoot down but im just saying
  15. some points you make pin are very true but me personally i got most of my weps out side of HH and thru trades instead so and you are right that is how people get "pro" fast is by donating i have seen that MANY times but yes i am a person that does it a bit and only a bit i mainly enjoy hunting more cause its what the game is made for. but you cant take donation away mainly because what will pay for the server and forums and yes i know many of you are thinking negative things about that but i look it up and server/forums do cost a good amount so dont think negative. but the reason i am wanting no HH is cause there was a time were like RR were like super rare and wedding was barly heard of stuff like that and trades were like amazing lame with all 0 went for a ton with no HH and like maybe a dontation limit or cap that could be revived to what it once was thats all im saying i just wanna make the trading world back to what it once was
  16. now if only we can get dizz to leave to jk <3 dizz
  17. just to let you know dizz is going to give you a photon claw and a DB saber cause hes a nub so dont trust him xD but its all good keep up the good work
  18. lol well honestly you also have to look at this Cmode comes with pso so its not like they added out of no where they just made it playable and in shithack everyone almost has like 10 s ranks so alteast its not that bad lol yet...
  19. mag feeding kills like drugs do... dont do mag feeding kids
  20. well so far we did 5 areas and no problem larva so its looking good so far ^^ just need a team to complete the rest xD it will get done soon hopefully
  21. well read my post kaje and you will learn HH has taken value from a lot of items cause there are so much of them xD
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