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  4. I don't think the rate for MS ever changed. 1/157 is not as easy as it sounds, that's 3x harder than RR on whitill, and it becomes 1/262 with DAR included in a 4P room.
  5. Oh.. Is good know it.! Ty bro. I'll try it again xd
  6. They could've changed the drop rate, which wouldn't be surprising considering how impossible it is to get.
  7. 1/15700. I corrected the chart for u.
  8. Interesting post TOXIC thanks for sharing !
  9. These were the rates back in 2017; maybe around the same rate i guess, maybe harder who knows
  10. Bug Catching Net - Normal - EP1 - Dark Faltz - Pinkal Zelda Magazine - Ult - EP4 - Merrisa A - Pinkal Ano Rifle - Ult - Ep2 - Eplison Oran ( Regular Drop)
  11. Only the GMs. And they won't tell because it probably is too scary for us plebs to know 😈
  12. Someone know the rate drop of the MS??
  13. Last week
  14. HH 180 hours left !!!!

  15. Psycho Raven(+80) 0/35/35/0/40 trade for Ten  Years Blades charge hit  or offer in dts  pm me.

  16. 1. This is a positioning or timing error by the player. You're either out of bounds in relevancy to the spawn or swinging before they have targets. 2. This is another positioning error and execution error. Lay the trap and move away from it or "trap shoot". Trap shooting will instantly raise your skill level. 3. More positioning errors. Break boxes before spawns or move away from the boxes. 4. What controller are you using and have you tried to set up Antimicro? 5. There is a button to recenter your camera... Ultima compared to GC leved 123 is pretty low and I doubt your gear is up to par yet either. GC is an entirely different meta. I don't know what to tell you about the Meseta banking. That is as simple as not doing it anymore. I swap between BB and GC PSO daily so I know some of these struggles. I was able to get my controller on BB to behave nearly identical to that of my GC controller. If you want help with that I am here.
  17. 1. Chances are you are too close to the door ways or walls and cannot get a target 2. Bombchu is dropping this event a much better alternative for AOE with Hucast 3. You can get use to that. I blast traps and boxes to avoid that issue. 4. If you like me I use a controller and keyboard and I have gotten very efficient at breaking ice with aswd, you can also use CURE FREEZE 5. That really comes down to practice I rarely have a camera issue and have gotton very use to doing 180s in order to protect my back HUCast is hard for solo in ULT when you lack the gear for it. While everyone is saying for you to get a Ranger that is not entirely wrong. RAcast and RAmarl/RAmar are fantastic for solo. I am unsure about your meseta issue I never have an issue. All and all good luck.
  18. I might have to be taking a break from this game as Im just spending all my time dying and its due to very annoying things happening. 1. many times there is no target on the enemies so my attack just goes right through them and then they smash me instead. 2. Im a Hucast, so I lay mines, my character loves to try and swing at the mine instead of enemies, and since Im using a multi attack weapon against a large swarm of enemies whom all have green targets on them its annoying to see them all take no damage. 3. My guy just missing the enemy because I was ever so slightly miss aligned, not annoyed that it doesnt auto line up thats fine, yet if its a box it auto lines up to the point where boxes take priority over enemies, even watching my guy turn a full 180 to attack a box instead of an enemy 4. Joy stick doesnt work for 'unfreezing' no matter how wild I swing it, yet a couple 'wasd' presses and im out, very clunky to switch from controller to keyboard. Joystick also doesnt stand me up after an attack, so I again have to press 'wasd' instead. I dont understand why the controller wouldnt work. 5. The camera contantly screws me over, right when Im about to attack or move a certain way the camera changes and now im attacking and or moving the wrong way leaving me open to instantly being surronded which in Ultimate is pretty much death. I just dont know where to go from here, Im level 123 with semi decent gear and even Ult forest, or V.hard episode 2 seems to be way to difficult for my character, and I find Im dying a lot do to the little annoyances of PSO. When I played on GC I was able to over come them easily because the monsters where so much easier, but in BB PSO enemies are buffed, so I cant afford to make mistakes. A single mistake and I am surronded and unable to move so I die. I just don't know what to do to stop dying so much. Also I have been picking away at quests, which do to my dying so much are taking forever, and I will almost be done but then out of habit that I cant seem to break I deposit mesta after doing a town run, well guess what Im now booted and have to re-do that quest. Why oh why does depositing mesta have to boot me? I simply cant unlearn a reflex that 10 years of GC PSO has instilled in me. Well thats my rant, I may be back but its to depressing dying so much and getting slaughtered again and again because of some annoying 'glitch'
  19. Lol, my little brother doesn’t know my log in credentials.
  20. Or you little brother stole them 👀 Not accusing, just exploring all the possibilities 😄
  21. Hello, My little brother called me today, he told me his centurion ability was lost from his common bank. I told him that he probably lost it on other bank or dropped it by accident. Then I got home from work and checked my bank to play, and my centurion abilities were gone too, I had like 2-3 of them. Not on any other character banks and didn’t touch em in a few days. Anyone else having common bank problems? Can this be fixed please? I really like my items back 😔 @R-78 @Soly @serverus
  22. Feliz cumpleaños loquita hermosa ^^

    1. Usagi-chan


      Wow lo recordaste. Gracias loquilla

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