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  2. B> 0/134/66/0 mag any type. will make it worth your while ;)

  3. sure i'm not human anymore 


  4. Discussing Easter event.  Will post an update as soon as we know when you can expect it.  Soon is the goal.

  5. DC version 1 to GCN to BB to Schtserv to Ultima for me. Ultima is by far the best PSO experience I've ever had overall. Schtserv (played off and on like 2007-11 I guess) did have its moments though. Only thing I miss from there is the Bringer's mechs (TypeME/mechs here work great though) and crack mode for Xmas. Also found a PWand from an Oran Gibbles on my RAmar in the low level 100s when he was my first toon there which was a cool experience on a server with no boosted drop rate (or rare mobs for purple Lily grind) outside of special events. When I was playing here a ton, I looked at what the other servers had to offer out of curiosity and this is definitely the place for me. FO is my favorite class and we just have so many more cool tools available for them here. Can't imagine playing anything resembling vanilla again. The game is at its funnest for me when I can actually find what I'm hunting reasonably fast, but always have the carrot on the stick of chasing better stats while waiting for the next seasonal stuff to come around.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I remember the FIRST day I got on the server someone helped me out and gave me a bunch of free stuff to get me going, looking back the gear is actually worthless but it still helped me out a ton to start leveling up and all that, and it meant a ton! Unfortunately I don't remember who helped me back then but ever since then I knew that this community was something special, after all you've got to love the game if you're still playing an mmo that is almost twenty years old!
  8. S> dual birds 100/0/100/100 75dts. Pm me if interested. Also selling 0/100/100/100 Master sword 80dts. 

  9. Un sourire coûte moins cher que l’électricité, mais donne autant de lumière...

    1. bobshlibidich


      Ca coûte plus cher de dentiste.

  10. I blame the trolls and not the game but that's just me.
  11. yeah i'm back and i want my job back xD I love to be here again maybe we can play again like the old times @Larva @Choko <3
  12. People still hate on Ultima because of the weapons and EVP boost (can understand the later, it's pretty dumb), but I dunno I have the most fun here. While I disagree with many things, I don't really see myself playing anywhere else consistently.
  13. I played for countless of hours with all those members you just mentioned good times.! And yeah the server couldn't hold more than 50 users online with out been laggy as hell and crash lol. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk Yeah she is back !! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. Had no idea mimi was still playing. My first, and only official, week as a GM was her last.
  15. Last week
  16. Tales of Vesperia update, this game is amazing 🤘

    1. Trigunman


      ARGH!  Anime styled RPG!!!  *drools*

      Damn you Duja, why did you have to say something about this, I just found the definitive edition on Steam!

      I still haven't finished Dragon Quest XI yet!  T_T   *cries* 

    2. duja1001


      Yea dragon quest was another one I wanna play, I'm gonna wait til it drops from 60 bucks tho, maybe another year

  17. were the love...i was playing pso Jupiter and Ultima 2008 when the server keep crashing but i stay...promote players to there...jupiter game crash so much so i stay at Ultima...schtserv players didnt like us because of the crazy level ups, insane power boost on the mobs...i use to have 4 lvl 200 racaseal within 1 week...12 accounts nothing but 200s...friend like tgt, djij,elfis,ozark5...the server couldnt hold over 50 people without crashing back then...ya should give respect to larva and the community that help newbie player to have fun...
  18. The very first Phantasy Star game I played on my life was Phantasy Star Zero, the Nintendo DS game. I used to play this game with a friend on high school until he introduced me to SCHT... well, I was playing on SCHT many years ago with him, but I never cared to learn how to play, so I never took PSO seriously, I can't even say I started there to be honest. The further I went was leveling a character with my real name to like level 25 or so (lmao), my gear was just a Tellusis and a Varista (I was like "omg a gun with Yellow Name and name in FULL CAPS o.o, must be really rare!" ohhh "a golden mag"... I had barely begun my PSO journey. Until I stopped playing for a few months and my account got deleted so dw. Recently, on an old backup, I found the SCHT client I had installed on my first PC, and with that, I found some chat logs.... dude... they were hilarious lmao, asking so many dumb questions on lobby and saying stupid things to my friend while we were playing, good ol' times. Only years later, precisely on 2013 that same friend invited me to play on Ultima, that's how I ultimately learnt how to play PSO. He didn't went much further here, he got bored fast as he owned the PSO Ep. I & II Plus for Game Cube so he didn't care to start here all from scratch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I stayed... and nowadays I must say this is my favorite online game and the game that I played for the most time of my life (aside from Super Mario Bros. 3, but that's another story lol =P) This server is very different from others I played, not only the custom items but the community here is great (of course there are the troll and drama queens but this is also what makes Ultima so lively and fun hahahah...). I went on hiatus a year ago and even tried moving to other servers at some point but at the end, Ultima is my home and will for sure be the server where I'll end my PSO career. Long life to Ultima!!
  19. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Towards the Future - PB - 2p - 11'00 remaining MudkipzJM - Hunewearl Jezbuz - HUcast bad run, will be improved soon™
  20. @Larva I was happy when i was able to help you out and look now ur server, 10 years later, ur community grow up a lot and i'm not afraid to said that is the best community
  21. that was a real good articule and there will be jelly ppl always
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