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J-cutter s rank and kiss of the death both are 35 ata base. Also both are unreduced special so in theory, is the same accuracy use a 0 hit Kod and hell j-cutter? ¿theres no diference? ¿both are gonna work equal?

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21 hours ago, freyagemini said:

So while farming Seabed during christmas event I noticed quite a few players using the white colored weapons, which after some research comes up as a typesh/shot.  Where do you get these/how can you farm them?



To get the shot you need a Ranger, and you can get it only once,  per character(you must create a new character if you want a second shot);

you need to do Max Attack 3 on normal Ep 4 and get the required number of kills.

Then you do Beak's cafe after that (it's confusing because the rappy's text is in Japanese!)

Follow the guide here:


*Just note that the one you saw in Seabeds was the TYPE Shot with Hell special and hit added

It costs 10 DTs to add that special, and 15 DTs per 20 hit added(usually done 4 times to get 80 hit, for 60 DTs total).  Both can be added with a GM.

It is quite expensive but also quite useful

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1 hour ago, Dollypatton said:

Is there a forum post that describes each class/character advantages and special traits? I learn all this too late

This should help you with learning each character.




Keep in mind that ultima does have an increase in max stats...at which point I recommend looking at this. Each character is broken down with multiple options each that can allow you to max out your stats...at least the important ones (ATP,ATA,LUCK...sometimes MST) XD



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On 8/14/2013 at 10:29 AM, Shoutgu said:

Would i need hit on my Spread Needle for my Ramar ?


On 8/15/2013 at 4:46 AM, Klen Lopez said:

how come i cant connect? it always say "this server is full"

try restarting

On 8/16/2013 at 2:10 AM, Shoutgu said:

Is an Excalibur ideal for a Ramar?

Good for any champ with HP

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