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What do we need?

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23 minutes ago, R-78 said:

[...] if there were 4 HH a day, would you still log and play all of them if you could?

Yes. Absolutely, I would. XD
And I know of many other players that would do the same.

28 minutes ago, R-78 said:

In my honest opinion a 1x HH per day ratio is pretty fair, during 2021 ultima event, average was at 1.492 HH per day, taking into consideration a player is available 1/3 of a day, they can supposedly get in average one full HH every 2 days if the 1.492 HH were rotating for every possible timezones.

Do you think being able to play one HH every 2 days is enough or not?

(I am here talking about event periods because that's when HH impacts are the most noticeable)

We need to account for people with time restraints and limited playtime. HH is highly appealing to this demographic and if they miss out on it, they'll simply find something more worthwhile to spend their time on.

A slight increase from the 1.492 average could be the difference from "Ok, I'll stick around, there might be one later" to "Ok, well I'll be back tomorrow".

But to answer your question; no, I don't think one HH every two days is enough. It would be great to catch one (or part of one) at least once a day — sometimes that's motivation enough to persist. I know you're going to think this is excessive; but I'd say something like 1.75 - 2.00 HHs per day — of course spread throughout the timezones as you've done so nicely in the past events.

Anyway, thanks for listening. I appreciate that, and I appreciate you. ❤️

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I really don't have any complaints about this server. I been playing Ultima for 4 or 5 years and I love this community. The people here are fun and hunting items here is fun as well. I will say that I think Ultima need to hire more staff like people that are active. They can hire more GM's, Mod's, Developer, etc. I would suggest some mini events sometimes like weekend events, when there is no major events going on. I do appreciate @R-78, @serverus, @Soly for always assisting us when we need help and all the work they do. As long as they can give us new gear on Ultima from time to time, I'll be on this server forever. Lets make Ultima great again :)   #UltimaForever 

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We need need more GM's please there a lots of old players that can help our comunity, but definily we need active Gms only saw R-78 but definily can't stay all day because of work so would be great to ad new generations of game masters in order to get a better experience in game. that help the comunity with low gear to the new players, also fun random mini events of mags, weps, etc, minigames with reward, we need more of that, that back in times used to happen with old GM's that are gone like@blue ,@hollybass ,@Yonkou ,@dessens even@Larva used to help and play ^^ miss those times,
PD: but still i feel great because they are still cool person to play on ultima latins, brazilians, frenchs and english persons this comunity is unique so please all of you be kind and help the new players and never forget to have fun

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