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  1. S>Hundred Souls 0/0/70/0|70] 65DTs or offer

    B> HH 10000000DTS

    1. R-78


      I'm saving the HHs for the week end because the people have too many time restrictions during the week

    2. Grantz


      But think of those 10000000DTS

    3. R-78


      20000000 or nothing

  2. Are you back??!!? come back! I am. x

    Everyone is an arsehole now, lets deploy EDEN force


    1. nnorton44
    2. Grantz


      You’re excluded obviously. More the locked games annoying me.

  3. Grantz

    10 Anniversary Ultima

    Posting his always useful knowledge. What would we ever do without a bit of GO GO GM?!?!???
  4. Literally there's a whole thing on this on the Donations forum. Soly and Larva are aware and looking into it.
  5. Grantz

    Lost Mag

    Never drop trade to yourself incase you DC etc. It's annoying I know but stops this happening. I'm not sure any GM can do anything without screenshots but good luck getting it back. Edit: Also post your guild card number as makes it easier for GMs to look into things.
  6. 55 untekked Elysion offline on GC. Aka pile of steaming trash
  7. I realised I never did one of these when I first joined and now I'm actually online most of the time I thought I would so I'm not the weirdo being hard on people Well I've played PSO since DC/GC days. Mostly GC offline with my best friend when I was a lot younger and my best drop was an Elysion.. Yeah we didn't play online those GC modems were hard to find! First came here and was in May's team. Damn I miss May and Cyane! Both taught me all about blue burst. For work I'm an apple technician and love everything I.T. I'm also one of the very few players from the UK (Yeah my timezone sucks here for HH) I should come with a disclaimer as I can come across as obnoxious or hating on people. It really is all just banter/joking so please no one take offence. If I seem to hate on you it's all in jest and at the very least I've noticed you. (No one can like everyone but I'm overly friendly really.) Feel free to call me whatever you like I love it. I also do enjoy helping new players as this server confused me for a good 3 months when I first joined as only ever played offline as so old-school vibes. PD trading was a mystery let alone DTs etc. If I'm online I'm usually up for hunting something or even just helping someone out with a question. (I like helping. It's an awful trait when you get asked 24/7 but I love it) Usually found online as AngerMax or now Tifa as going that hardcore squishy Huney as I love face planting the floor. Peace out. Also sell Arrest Needlen and TJS 500000DTs each
  8. You shouldn't hang around with those illegal characters bro they'll get you into trouble. On a serious note have you downloaded the right launcher? https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/downloads/ Use the full game installer and re-install. Run the launcher as Admin and allow it to pass anti-virus stuff. Also make sure you have .net framework installed
  9. That's true which is why I didn't mention buying items from GMs for DTs just %s or specials.
  10. Yeah just always best to be safe never know who's lurking... Haha I couldn't find one for the new system
  11. As I've been asked by a few new players this week and I can't find a sticky topic for it I thought I'd make one myself. DTs(Donation Tickets) are from Donating to the Server to help with it's running costs and keeping it alive. It's not a physical in game currency like Photon Drops. Much the same as PDs you can use DTs to trade with other users on the forum. You can also use DTs to redeem with a GM: Hit % on weapons. Attribute % on weapons and add a special to a weapon without a special. Here is the full link of what a GM can redeem. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/announcement/13-item-list-donations/ If trading DT's with other users: use the drop down box under donations and click "Send DTs" https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?app=donate&module=donate&controller=send&do=sendTotal In username enter the users FORUM NAME. Not their character name and make sure it's the right person. Amount is obviously the number of DTs you are sending and Note is to add what you are buying. (Always a good idea) NEVER send DTs without being in a room with the person you are buying from and have a trade window open with them to verify they have the item. In the same sense if you are selling an item for DTs never final confirm before you have recieved the DTs. This can be seen on your profile under Donation Changes. It is really important to screen shot what you are buying/selling and expecting in Game and also even in messages as people can block and delete them Failing to take accurate screen shots makes the GMs lives harder to verify who has scammed who and what has gone on. Hopefully this helps some people and sorry if there is a topic but I couldn't find one so thought I'd make one to help out
  12. Hello. I'm glad you're a human. Welcome to the server. Most people around here are really helpful and nice so if you need anything feel free to ask.
  13. S> 40 hit Outlaw Star

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