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  1. ive a Cent/Batle pm me pls i can't send to u

  2. PD Quiz as why niot

    Hey guys its been ages and its nice to be back so come compete in some trivia of SEGA and ULTIMA for some PDs. 1 each answer. Missed you guys so about time I gave back FInd me in Quiz PD..NOW
  3. Lindcray

    Solving new wep issues; pso folder > data >backup itemtextureep4.afs >rename itemtextureep4.pat to itemtexturep4.afs
  4. Lindcray

    There is a post somewhere in the forum on how to fix the Lindcray bug, try a search or I'll try find it for you
  5. Valentine's Event - 2016

    Sure shoot me a pm, I'll log my Fo
  6. Valentine's Event - 2016

    Need a group to run a lot of TTF for Glide and Lindcray Am skyly but want to do a lot of runs if anyone is interested
  7. Valentine's?

    I want Sonic Spinball Shot. ATP + 9000 Shoots little sonics in spin mode Special turns enemy's in to tiny animals or flowers Too much to ask? XD
  8. Valentine's?

    Where is larva hiding? Will donations lure the beast out?
  9. Valentine's?

    At the very least trying to drum up some hype
  10. Valentine's?

    Just wondered if anyone had any idea when Valentines event is due to start so I can set aside time to hunt properly in an event for once? Thanks in advance. even if you don't know lets place bets! ; My bet is this Thursday *fingers crossed*
  11. Green Names/5x XP

    I do agree that maybe every weekend would make it too often, however it's a nice little incentive to catch up with your other chars when it's on now and again. Doing CCA/RT can get extremely repetitive and at 150+ killing Gal 2-3 times for 1 level and hoping people decide to join you does suck. With 5x exp on it gives people more incentive to join CCA/RTs
  12. Just wondering if Green Names and 5x XP are only ever up during other events? E.G Summer event. Or can they be turned on randomly between events? Wanting that extra XP
  13. So PGF drops?

    First of all thanks for the Xmas event guys so far it's a lot of fun but my main reason for playing the event is PGF. Is it confirmed that the increase to drop rates has gone live as I can't find any information anywhere regarding this and don't believe any have dropped as of yet?
  14. Do Adepts stack for the ATA boost?