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  1. Grantz

    Easter Event 2021

    This!! Need those levels <\3
  2. Most likely same as last years drop table from the look of it
  3. It's a technical support issue or a ban of some sort etc. We're all still here and haven't gone anywhere during all this time. Ask Soly for support
  4. Go tech that rare event drop that has tons of hit mid run (I maybe guilty of this) 😜
  5. Returning player but it has to be 69. Sounds great and all, then you find it has vampire teeth. Lose of appendage has to be spooky
  6. S>Hundred Souls 0/0/70/0|70] 65DTs or offer

    B> HH 10000000DTS

    1. R-78


      I'm saving the HHs for the week end because the people have too many time restrictions during the week

    2. Grantz


      But think of those 10000000DTS

    3. R-78


      20000000 or nothing

  7. Are you back??!!? come back! I am. x

    Everyone is an arsehole now, lets deploy EDEN force


    1. nnorton44
    2. Grantz


      You’re excluded obviously. More the locked games annoying me.

  8. Posting his always useful knowledge. What would we ever do without a bit of GO GO GM?!?!???
  9. Literally there's a whole thing on this on the Donations forum. Soly and Larva are aware and looking into it.
  10. Grantz

    Lost Mag

    Never drop trade to yourself incase you DC etc. It's annoying I know but stops this happening. I'm not sure any GM can do anything without screenshots but good luck getting it back. Edit: Also post your guild card number as makes it easier for GMs to look into things.
  11. 55 untekked Elysion offline on GC. Aka pile of steaming trash
  12. I realised I never did one of these when I first joined and now I'm actually online most of the time I thought I would so I'm not the weirdo being hard on people Well I've played PSO since DC/GC days. Mostly GC offline with my best friend when I was a lot younger and my best drop was an Elysion.. Yeah we didn't play online those GC modems were hard to find! First came here and was in May's team. Damn I miss May and Cyane! Both taught me all about blue burst. For work I'm an apple technician and love everything I.T. I'm also one of the very few players from the UK (Yeah my timezone su
  13. You shouldn't hang around with those illegal characters bro they'll get you into trouble. On a serious note have you downloaded the right launcher? https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/downloads/ Use the full game installer and re-install. Run the launcher as Admin and allow it to pass anti-virus stuff. Also make sure you have .net framework installed
  14. That's true which is why I didn't mention buying items from GMs for DTs just %s or specials.
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