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  1. Yes but he changed their form during the event so they should revert to what he changed them to when he changes blocks as he's said. As they're not normal mags, they been changed by using NYC, otherwise, you'd be right
  2. Grantz

    Shiida's Hit Event

    Drop rate must be like 2000% now?!
  3. Grantz

    Shiida's Hit Event

    Drop rate is too low, did 1 whole run and 0!? Joking and getting inb4 the whine, thanks for the event turtle queen, server is actually busy! Side note, crystal badge is instant 70% hit yes? xD
  4. Grantz

    Shiida's Hit Event

    Confirmed that Battle of boobs quest isnt dropping any item on ep2 ultimate Next best quest for Hildelt on ep2?
  5. Grantz

    Shiida's Hit Event

    Nice event. So now we know the drops… Which quests are best for farming these mobs
  6. If I’m right, Serene Swan doesn’t make the rare drop sound either, is this fixed too?
  7. Or... just run the psobb.exe twice? You cant run 2x launcher but can with just the .exe Also there's a common back to xfer between characters on the same account use this command in game /bank This is nothing new, nearly everyone on the server knows how to dual log. Keep it to chatbox rather than starting new topic after new topic and spamming the general section.
  8. Check the link Rocket put in the thread. Max ATA, Luck and POW are all essential on any character other than Forces to be competitive. A better armour and units would be your next step, as would weapons with hit % and attributes. Message me when you’re around and I may have a few items to help you out. Don’t worry about feeling underpowered, most here have max stat event only items so you will feel like that but we are a friendly lot and will gladly run games with someone who isn’t as overpowered as we may be and help you hunt better stuff. (Except when Happy Hour is on
  9. Kond - Skyly - None event item oops was using this and posted here by accident xD
  10. But he’s so excited to hunt Syncesta he can’t contain himself!
  11. Non Event Drop- Ultimate - Episode 1 - Nano Dragon - Whitil
  12. Arrest Needle (which is what it’s called) with no hit won’t sell for much as people want it for the special (arrest) mostly and sadly without hit, the special won’t hit often. As said maybe like 25-30pds if decent attribute %s. If it’s blank then even less as it’s like 60DTs to add 80 hit and a PS/99PDs to add 30% attributes.
  13. I did not see my watery friends, I approve now. The whales need pants though.
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