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I really want to say sorry for my absence in the last few days(maybe weeks). My wish is to treat you all the best I can and help you enjoy as much as I do this game that I love so much(teary eyes manly salt water). I don't think I'm being able to do that at the moment....

Life has been upside down, many job interviews going on, while working on 2 "part time" jobs, had to take a really really bad deal due to one of my screens just deciding it was time to kill itself. My health hasn't been allowing me the strength I need to keep up with all :onion87:


Landed on a job and I'll be starting Wednesday(wish me luck).


So this makes 3 activities I'll be doing while trying to get some time for Ultima too.

I'm not gone and I hope to be coming back(like before), just need some time to get my life back on track, get my work up to date and get back to you bums.

I'll still try when I feel like procrastinating at work to hop on here and give a hand where I can.

Cheers from your, Macho Banana Sloth

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Good luck with the job!

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Hey cycy, it'll be all fine ok ? ;) don't be nervous... don't stress so much for it cannot change anything but only make things worse ( stress gives all kind of sickness... : irritation, lack of joy, lack of peace, agitation, depression, anxiety, fears... )

I know it's easier said than done but sleep well and be in peace, remember to not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself... each day has enough trouble of its own.

Thank you for your care about us but care about yourself and your future first, your friends will understand and support you, otherwise they are not your friends...

Good luck with your projects banane flambée au cocolat :D

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