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  1. i make this skin a while ago, if u want to try it, its not a recolour, its completly hand made with higher resolution
  2. Could you write a or link a tutorial?
  3. Yo, you're right, i thought my 980ti is too old, but never happend before, once i used a trap and blizzard weapon i get those nasty frame drop until i move the camera, is not that noticeable like ur video, but someone should look into this, i cant imagine that frame drop with a low end rig. @Soly helpppp
  4. La mejor cancion de lobby fue esta
  5. i take the samurai armor pls
  6. how much for samurai armor?¿
  7. Del rappy Pinkall Cent/body
  8. Ok u on? also how much for this 2 Angel Harp [0/35/0/35|30] [Untekked] Angel Harp +22 [35/0/40/0|40]
  9. cuanto por la magic rock heart key?
  10. humar lvl 175, v502, smart link 50hit holy ray and 40 hit boomerang, is not easy to arrest, its a waste of time
  11. Dont missundertood dificult/challenge with how bad humar is actually, hes not the best in anything, yeah might be good with demon special attacks same as huney, ramar ramarl but no other advantage over them, but thats pretty much it about humar, i think only phycho ravens over huney but not anymore since mille, about arrest and frozen faust, no sense on hunters use using straight range weapons like that, but we know how this is on ultima, i think Humar should have more flexible build not just demon, phycho and df, humar is nothing to be proud here on ultima.
  12. Yeah that gear isnt enough on ultima, lk38 combo locked here, mobs with increased stats (high evp) and the fact that humar its the worse character overall in ultima, mediocre stats, cant use most of the strong custom gear most FO can use strong gear with better results/dmg than a solo humar, even a fonewn can do more dmg in solo meele than a humar, its a joke of a character an everybody knows it. idk why larva didnt do anything about it, and this is a well know issue for more than 6 years.
  13. @Soly is it possible to use this guy models ingame? if it does i wanna know how
  14. Theres 2 layers of skin on the green photon of dm, one is the green in the skin, which its not a light source. on the other hand the bright one that its in top layer is a light source, still trying to find out from which file or code comes from, the white shape with black background its the light shape on dm skin (file197) those 2 skins the top layer its deleted and theres no light source in it, just flat skin colour which can be any colour. as i said before, dm skin its weirdly coded.
  15. DM skinmapping its tricky, its a 128x128 skinmap that cannot be resized more than 256x256 , i usually go higher like 512x512 to make it "hd" textures and recolours for some weapons. anyways this is my dm Skin with no recolours didnt like it the fact that cannot be sharper and detail so i drop it back in 2015.
  16. Ultimate redria Deldepth: Amore rose (aggh)
  17. back in my days of lineage 2, theres was a gold bar system to "increase" the gold u can store in your character since it got its limit a 2.5 billions by trading for free 1billion adena (money in l2) for a gold bar, which can be stored or trade anywhere and enchange back to 1billion meseta, is it prossible to make that happend by a quest npc?
  18. no matter what i do, i always come back to pso, hope i start over in ultima soon.
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