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What Other Hobbies Do You Have Besides PSO?


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Cars (show, driving, wrenching, you name it), CSGO, and, to a lesser extent, mountain biking.


Oh, and randomly ghosting from the forums for months at a time. Definitely a fan of that!

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What's your favorite Linux distro? Aka, the one you'd use for daily use. 

That would be OpenSuse, currently using on my main desktop version "Leap 42.2" and on my laptop "Leap 42.1"

and Both Servers , game server and web server are running Leap 42.1 xD setup by me. XD

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On 30.5.2017 at 9:05 AM, Night said:

i recomend to start with a lower (like 20-40 centimeters high) and shorter (like 10-25 meters) one to train your ballance and body

i would still die


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Seems like this post hasn’t been bumped in a while...


Outside of PSO I play a lot of old school runescape (pm me for my username if ya wanna chat or w/e), a few different blizzard games, and listen to music.


Here’s to making this thread alive again.

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On 10/25/2018 at 9:00 AM, Lemon said:

Necromancy too apparently.
<yes I did :rf-02:>
[Hashtag by Kotta you thief! :onion111:] (Stop typing on quotes by other people :onion-head28:) {nou :rf-00:}


Spam onions In forum, of course :onion-head01: 



Waste a lot of time needlessly irl :onion101::onion-head19:


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