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  1. Post any image or gif you've found that you think is amusing, cute, or otherwise fascinating. It can be anything as long as it doesn't violate the general forum rules
  2. Greetings fellow earth human, hope your stay is a pleasant one.
  3. You can never go wrong with the classics
  4. I Personally consider "The Holy Grail" and some of their flying circus sketches to be their best work. Virtually all of the stuff they did made me piss myself laughing, those are just my favorites of the lot.
  5. I feel that it is my duty as a concerned citizen to inform you that this game has a distressing lack of blackjack and hookers. I insist that you remedy this travesty as soon as possible.
  6. Fever comes from the "fever" track of Dr Mario. Mario speaks for itself. Came up with it when I was twelve and have stuck with it ever since. And thus ends the epic tale of romance, trauma, vengeance, and redemption that lead to the creation of my name. As for "Eustace" I pulled that one out of a metaphorical hat, although it may have been subconsciously influenced by Eustace from Courage The Cowardly Dog
  7. I was little more then a sperm cell during the glory days of Sega, and I was in a crib during the heyday of the Dreamcast PSO. I didn't get into gaming in general until about 2004, My first videogame was an old GameBoy title called "Battleship" I played it with my uncle when I visited his house. My family was enduring some financial difficulties at the time, so most of my gaming experience came from hand-me-downs from my older sister [her old GameBoy games and N64] and my father [his old Windows 98 and Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat, Mercenaries, 3, 4 and it's expansions, the Wing Commander series, some old edutainment games , and a Sega Genesis and Sonic 1, 2, Mean Bean Machine, Prince of Persia, and a few other games I can't seem to recall the names of off the top of my head] I didn't really start to take an interest in the Phantasy Star series until years later, about 2 years after I got my first decent pc [my very first one was an ancient, used dell toaster with Windows XP and very low end specs] right around the time I discovered emulators and the romhacking scene. I began with the first game and worked my way up to End Of The Millennium, I wound up saving the third one for last since it was considered to be the black sheep of the series [I thought it was meh tier at worst after I had finished it, definitely nowhere near as good as the rest but i did find the "generations" mechanic interesting] My interest in PSO was sparked by of all things, hearing it's lobby theme in an old Sonic Robo Blast 2 mod. And after seeing some footage of it I ended up coming here in the hopes of experiencing what I had missed out on. Preferred contact method: PMs, in game, and steam.
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