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  1. to be honest you can't really use it in terrys code, ask the gm's it's buggy and fails quite often on join. For the guy who didn't know, schtacks code is multi version dc, bb, gc, and episode 3. Has existed like 6 years before terry even wrote his server, schthack is also written in delphi.
  2. well if you had clue you would Let's just put it this way, in order to specify a specific special for the combine system, you need > 3 bytes in fact it needs 5 bytes for the weapon code to specify say a charge saber 00010000 0C and this is all the combine system uses: 000100
  3. save for the fact the combine system in the game works off 3 byte codes for weapons.
  4. since when am I using tethealla, it's still stealing someone elses ideas though.
  5. I love you so much. You are my everything <3

  6. shouldn't let you even start an episode 4 cmode room
  7. Just clone them, or give them some half assed combine to make another one that looks the exact same with a slightly different name
  8. I haven't checked but i'd assume they where off unless otherwise stated because i asked if larva wanted me to switch it on for the weekend and he said not this time.
  9. f11 toggles the kb control system
  10. it'll be done later prob when i take off rare monsters and 5x exp.
  11. make me a list in the gm forum finalised and it will be done asap
  12. If someone could make a clear decision about things around here, which is hard to drag out of anyone usually, they could prob be fixed in like 5 mins. Basically the items tried to do things that sega didn't allow.
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