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    computer gaming and radio control cars and aircraft team speak admin and server host , world of warcraft guild master on alliance ravencrest since 2010 and sunstrider alliance since 2007

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  1. hanks to wolfgar and creampie and all that helped along the way , time to sort alts now <3
  2. How about adding something to the game that would benefit everyone , like a experience bar to start with that could sit below the ui or at the top of the screen or any where it wasn,t too intrusive maybe even a small bar that sits below the number buttons ui at say text the same size as used in this post and full width with marks within the bar at every 10 % , as for me that would give me a much better idea of how many mobs to kill etc or maybe even add that into the bar too , also being equivalent to wherever we are and whatever mobs we are facing also an increase of the cap of mats that can stack in bank to 200 also make bank sortable by armours , items and other for easier access , maybe even a cross acount bank tab where could could be put to save the amount of relogging for mats armours or whatever , and make scape dolls stackable , as they end up taking up lots of space usually , maybe also more character slots up to maybe 6 > 10 , also an increase of bag space to say 40 to 50 items in total cutting down on loot that ends up left behind , same for making unigue items like ie god bodies etc etc stack , these are just some that come to mind atm
  3. any one else having problems duel logging accounts to power lvl alts , i have found recently that doing this upon opening 2nd game client , 1st one crashes yet i never had problems before any ideas , game settings are window mode 1024 resolution so that both game clients fit on screen . i just get a weird text box upon opening 2nd client before it crashes / glitches and then shuts neo
  4. the twin bank would save a lot of tome and relogging to get "" someone to log and help transfer items from mains to alts etc etc , been w8in and asking on main lobby no 1 seeems to care on here compared to schthack server ...
  5. also didnt get guild card on registration will i need to re register ??
  6. uninstaller failed and crashed and cba with 2 hr d load , ive got other stuff to sort at 5 pm on another mmo
  7. my norton anti virus flagged game download as a virus and wont allow it to run even when as admin any ideas
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