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  1. wow dude sorry. I know the feeling. this really needs to get fixed, because it is happening way too much. I had to stop playing because this was happening too much for me. Playing Final Fantasy 14 atm and i'm loving it, because I don't have to worry about problems like this.
  2. thanks Andres. is anyone gonna start up a pool as to when I will get bugged next?
  3. That blows. I hope u get yr stuff back soon.
  4. Guildcard Number - 42096348 Akuma - Slot 1 00:06/internet time@713 Here we go... again... Logged on to Akuma today. Took out 2 photon drops from my common bank. went to put the photon drops in my bank and i noticed that photon drops were the only items in my inventory. I had all the items last night when i was feeding mags but today they are gone. First 2 pictures are of my inventory now. Second 2 pictures are before items went missing
  5. 1) I got disconnected while making sato mags. i had made 6 Kaitabha mags lvl 75 (5/25/45/0). i got disconnected. i logged back on and i noticed the mags turned into 6 ribhava mags lvl 69(8/23/38/0) 2) i got the roll back done by andres on dead soul. however, i lost the cent ability. Thx.
  6. kajex, yes I do use the common bank, but only when i'm switching items from the same account. also, I don't leave items in the common bank for long periods of time.
  7. It's official, I'm cursed... Guild Card Number - 42096348 Dead Soul - 3rd Slot 00:02/internet time@720 Here we go again. I transferred a centurion/ability to Dead Soul. I put the heavenly/ability that was already in her inventory in my bank to try to avoid get bugged again. however, i still got disconnected. then when i logged back on all my items were bugged except the centurion/ability. so no matter what i try to do this still happens. another problem, i borrowed kajex's dm and he borrowed mine last night. i didnt take screen shots of his dm. but i remember the stats. 0/55/0/80 50hit. thanks again for your help with this problem. First two pix are inventory now. Second two pix are inventory before bugged items.
  8. Guild Card Number - 42097588 Sin - 4th Slot 00:04/Internet Time @830 I transferred a bringer's rifle 50 hit to Sin. When i clicked drop on my holy ray i got disconnected. When I logged back on, all my items were ???? except the bringer's rifle. This seems to happen to me one of two ways. 1 - I transfer new item(s) to a character. Then I go to drop one of the old item(s) and i get disconnected. Log back on and all item(s) except the new item(s) are bugged. 2 - I transfer new item(s) to a character. then i go to equip any weapon and I get disconnected. Log back on and all item(s) except the new items(s) are bugged. I did transfers on all 11 of my characters today. On this transfer, I dropped an old item instead of putting it in my bank. I am working on breaking that habit of dropping/equiping old item(s) after i do a transfer. It's hard for me cuz i have been transferring items this way since i started playing on this server last year. The first 2 screenshots are of Sin's inventory now The second 2 screenshots are of Sin's inventory before Thanks for your help.
  9. Andres, Thanks again dude. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll talk to gm mio about the heaven striker 40 hit that is missing.
  10. I just noticed that I had the pictures in the wrong order. I put them in the correct order now. sorry.
  11. Kajex, tell me about it. this is the 3rd time its happened with Bloodshed. It's also happened to Dead Soul twice. and I'm still waiting on the rollback of Xander. this is really upsetting me.
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