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  1. Since not all ppl joined Steam community, i'm putting here the informal table of drops. Original post: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/UltimaPSOBB
  2. those ppl who -rep me, are ppl that think i shouldn't post it, wanting keep it a secret. pff... like it could be possible with everyone seeing you damage and a lot of gm's online and playing as well. Or worse, some1 could report for thinking it's a hack. In my point of view, not telling something like this, is a fault, omission and exploit. I preferer things legit and i think the current boost, the way it is, it's over power. A sugestion is to make this boost like the 'Mother Garb+' boost (MG+ boosts grantz 30% sometimes ). I would love this super boost with a trigger chance, like 30%
  3. Or something like heaven punishment, use boost at a specific beat time.
  4. I dont know if it's a bug or no, but this new shield realy over powered forces. It greatly increases damage of Rafoie, Razonde and Grantz. Look this SS of a Rafoie damage (on epi1 i don't pass 600 dmg), in epi4 i hit 5k+ with rafoie, razonde and grantz
  5. It happened to me some times, until i realized that the problem is when I switch characters... I had a character with the joypad mapped, when i changed to another character it worked, just fine, but when i changed the characters again, the controls had reseted. What you need to do is map your pad with all your characters, otherwise if you have mapped the pad only with one character, the reset thing will aways happen.
  6. Yeah, i did that, but still not working :s I'm a formar, i let the the first hat and first wearing (long hat and red dress), tried /npc 1 then /npc 0, but with no luck. i dont know what i'm doing wrong...
  7. Hi, Today i was trying to change my skin for a npc skin, but my character got bugged, couldn't move in lobby and didn't see others. I went to dressing room to reset appearence and then typed /npc 0, but my skin color changed permanently >.< I'm wondering if some gm can turn my skin color back to the number 2, since there is no Full dressing room... My Character Name: Lutz Slot: 01 My Guild Card: 42100949 Thanks in advance.
  8. Agreed, but some itens should be drop only, like: With that, Forces will be more needed is parties
  9. im a FOmar redria. def + dex = pow + mind used mono fluid and difluids at start, then sol atomizers. After reach 50 mind, used sol atomizer to rise def and dimates to lower mind
  10. Hi, First sorry for no Screen shots, but I got a situation that my mag rollback... With a lot suffering, yesterday I made a Nidra (50/0/0/50) with my Force, arround 11:25pm GMT-3. since then i started to lvl my new Nidra with mind. Today I logged to the game arround 10:00pm GMT-3, and when i was to feed my mag, it turned back to a Bana! Yes, i could wait until lvl110, to get back a Nidra, but i want the specific stats of 50def and 150mind to my force. Since it got me a lot of work, i'm asking if a gm can turn my mag (that now is 50/0/0/53) again into a Nidra. My Guild Card number is: 42100949 My Character is at first slot, name: Lutz Thanks for undestanding, Elton
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