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  1. Like the new Signature my friend.! 🥅:onion117:

    1. Trigunman


      Hey man, thanks, how are you?  Yea, I joined the merry (clown XD ) men of Triforce some months ago.  While my plans for PSO2 along with joining some of the Tri-hards there with the ARKS have fell through thanks to the utter stupidity of M$'s release of the game, I'm not going anywhere.(the recent reports I've read are that PSO2 release has been an utter damned dumpster fire, until M$ decides to fix it or Sega pulls their head out of their rear and releases it on Steam) So no worries, I still have 4 lvl 143s to get to lvl 200, haha!

      It's funny you mention my Zelda themed siggy Larva, I've currently got the Zelda bug after watching game play of the recent Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening reissue for the NIntendo Switch.  I'm seriously considering getting a Switch just for that game, I still have it (Zelda DX) along with my Gameboy Advance SPs, but the reissue is amazingly well done and looks just as fun as I remember it on the Gameboy! (that and the Switch has some really good stuff coming out on it!)

      I trust you and the family are safe and doing well Larva?  :onion-head11:

    2. Larva


      Hey man, everything is fine here with the family, hope your doing safe too. Sorry for taking so long to reply to this but for some reason I never saw it before sorry about that. And Zelda: Link's Awakening my son and I we started to play the game in the switch but we didn't finish it, unfortunately i haven't have time to continue the game and he don't like to play it alone lol. But some day we will continue it. It's great to still see you around in the server/forum. Sometimes i see new names here, but nothing to see friends names around :D . ill try to be here more often but damn work take must of my time :(.

      Anyway, stay safe in this pandemic :onion-head11:

    3. Trigunman


      Haha!  Good to hear from you Larva!  Better late than never right? XD I trust you and your family are well, safe and prospering my old friend.  Yea, I still haven't gotten around to getting a Switch yet, but all things in good time.  Yea, that old game is a freakin' classic, it's kinda funny your son doesn't want to play without you, I find that rather endearing, how sweet, hehe.  Enjoy these precious days with your son Larva, you won't get many more sadly the older he gets.  Yea, sometimes I feel like I'm almost like a fixture in this place haha!  This old game still keeps me coming back for more adventures it seems, mentoring new players and helping older ones while catching up with them in their own lives never gets dull for me I guess.  =^)


      I completely understand about work schedules Larva.  Thankfully I have a 8-5, M-F day job, but still I have other things that keep me busy outside of work too, as I'm a guitarist at my local church and that keeps my Thursday nights and Sunday mornings pretty occupied.  Then there is my family here locally that manage to keep me on my toes, my parents, grandma and aunt.  Sadly my grandma and aunt have contracted COVID but they are recovering, I pray they will fully recover soon, if you would please keep them in your prayers.


      Don't worry about ole me Larva my good man, I've found out some secrets to stay well and I shall pass them on to you!  ^_^  Ivermectin has been in regular use on both his staff and his patients by Dr. Pierre Kory in the St. Jude's Hospital up in Milwaukee, as per his testimony in front of the US Senate.  He's had a 100% cure and uninfected rate with that old drug.  Personally, I have also found a recent US National Institute of Health study where they were researching a vaccine candidate for COVID-19, the test candidates were Chloroquine, the very old and trusted drug for a variety of aliments, Remdesivir, a still experimental drug being pushed by the AMA and...  EGCG taken from GREEN TEA.  I've been drinking green tea for years now Larva and I can't remember the last time I've had a cold or flu.  The EGCG works incredibly to protect the body's cells by blocking the cell's receptors from any virus's RNA attack, the virus can't attach itself to the cell to inject it's RNA to multiply and survive, so...  It dies off.  Any brand of Green Tea will work, you just need to steep it for a bit longer than usual to get the most EGCG out of it.  Take it once a day, or hell I drink it twice a day ( I don't drink coffee, so I get my caffeine from it haha) to protect yourself.  I've been exposed to at least 4-5 people confirmed to have COVID this year and every time I was tested, it came back negative.  You be the judge.  ^_^


      Anyway, be blessed, you and your family, be well and prosperous old friend.  Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years if I don't see you Larva.  God bless!


      -Jay aka Trigunman



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