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  1. SaiyusX is back My PC is fixed and up and running! The main excuse for my absence is primarily over the reason of a really bad Trojan Virus I had chillin in my Hard drive. :\ But I re-formatted my PC and it's like new c:
  2. Happy B day

  3. did it work to use your XBOX 360-pad on PSO?


  4. Heya Shade c:

  5. How do I zip, and un-zip these??? :\
  6. Well I'm hoping that I can get some quick tips on getting up the new patch, and if I was doiing it right the whole time, then I just feel plain dumb. (Still gets erroe 903 T_T)

  7. So i've downloaded the patch and all, yay... Now My only question is, what now? I'm very bad with WiN.RaR and therefore, I know I'm doing this incorrectly (cause each time I try uploading the files, and then try playing the game, it gives me either the error code or it kicks me off saying the game wasn't responding or something.) Can someone please guide me to how to set this up? :\
  8. Lately this certain bug has been occurring to me and a few other members Of Ultima. Once we get full inventory, it disconnects us. Ways to avoid this?
  9. Ah well I've tried taking screen shots before, it doesn't seem to work. And the ???? item I believe was just randomly there. It was in my bank common and I only remember having only 3 items in there, not 4. It happened on my 2 character slot: SaiyusX but I think I found out the problem why this happened. Maybe. Recently I have been having very bad internet connections, but now I have it fixed. So hopefully it won't do this again.
  10. Okay so I just started playing again today and I now have encountered 3 different bugs. 1: Bank bug.: Sometimes when I deposit meseta, I receive error No. 100 and logs me out. 2: I checked my bank and received a random ???? item. 3: When my inventory reached it's limit, it gave me error: No.100 again and logged me out. :\ I'm worried about these bugs a bit. I'm not sure if it's my connection or if it's more and more bugs. Please give me tips or guidance of how to rid of them. Unless only Larva can handle that.
  11. Nice drawings saiyusx ,btw its me Syd keep up the good work

  12. Server is full... UGH...

  13. Oh I see... Will do Hopefully things will come around...
  14. So the ships are down again... May someone please tell me why the ships are almost always down every morning now? It seems like I'm only able to play at night time. Why are the ships down almost everyday now... ._. (3 days in a row)
  15. May this be fixed soon? o.o
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