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  1. Hello peeps

    ignore apollo he shares a brain cell with a poptart lmfao.
  2. this is my hobby lol, if I'm not online I'm at work or doing stuff with my fiance.
  3. yea true, just a suggestion and yea people don't need to spam for events it was late I was bored and the women was at her house nuff said lol.
  4. This maybe a little late...

    LOl hi new guy, I'm the new guy 2 lol Darkshad, and Viper are my mains get that white ring unknown noobie lol j/k
  5. I see your point and understand where your coming from, but I hope we atleast get rare monsters. Only because the login has now been down for 16 hours, I see where your coming from and it's just me making a suggestion. PS: LOL, thanks apollo.
  6. Just a thought since no one could get one for about 8 hours today, would it be possible to get a 5X exp rare monster event. To make up for the time everyone lost to farm and level, Just suggesting it because its the weekend when players are more active. Since we had no way to resolve the issue in anyway ourselves and no one can get on at all. It be really appreciated if you could show us some love =) and help us make up for lost time. Thanks for reveiwing and considering this post. And this is also to inform you that log in servers crashed just so we know I'm in the right section.
  7. lol hell yea, I'mma pro at leveling just give me time to get setup and find the gear that suits me. I'll be a top player on here in time

  8. man i thought i was addicted to this game, until i met you viper! XD

  9. hell yea he is lol