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  1. The people who have jobs and lives and put hours into playing this game again deserve better. Not spending $400 on a DF
  2. None of this wouldn't have started if it wasn't for the server in general right?
  3. For a ban? Please, I know I'll get banned. That's why I'm giving away DTs and you didn't win them.
  4. YO so I just want to say Fuck Mudkip always online and commenting on what people do Nobody cares if you don't like Humar lol Nobody cares if you think people can't get the PGF during the event lol Nobody cares that you're online 24/7 lol You're annoying and you fucked me up too damn much for me to stay here, obviously because I'm writing this I do somewhat care.. just because it's annoying. I AM DEEPLY SORRY: to all of those online who had a past with the PSO or the Dreamcast and you don't like this community. I agree, this shit sucks some of the people here are just wtf are they even talking about half the time lol and OH the PGF rate is fucking stupid. Like if you even attempted an RT a day until the PGF event was over you should be promised a DF or a DM.. which was my case. Honestly not only Fuck Mudkip but just how this whole server is handled is just terrible.. Wasted like 300 hours in 2016 playing this but oh well YOU LIVE AND YOU LEARN. And this is definitely not the place I'll come back to. SO ABOUT THAT GIVEAWAY.. do you agree so some extent? Do you think Fuck Mudkip wise? Do you think this PGF rate should drop? Do you think we just need another PSO server in general? By the way, Soly or whoever the fuck runs this server cause it ain't the main owner, it's not your fault, you guys get put under pressure because the actual person who's running this thing isn't here. This could be a lot more successful if we all got along and Mudkip would just stop being such a bully, but nope. Comment your thoughts, I'll keep an eye on you on comment section, if I like you, I'ma donate. Simple. Thanks. #FuckMudkip Shoutout RRR by the way he is real and has great ideas he should be up there handling some of the improvements of this site. Good bye!
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