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  1. points for you sweetie  ;)

    1. Sunjo


      Aw, thank you very much!

  2. I'm on right now if you'd like them.
  3. Sunjo


    PSYCHO WAND (3 DTs) Hi, is this still available? If so I'd like to buy it.
  4. Sunjo

    R-78 shop

    I'd like to buy your Sue's Coat with 3 DEF and 18 EVP, would you take 1 DT and 4 PD?
  5. No spread needle for me? I've only been playing for 3 weeks.
  6. Thread has been updated with new items I'm looking to buy!
  7. Do you still have this spread needle? 0 0 0 40 25 tekked
  8. Got them already, sorry about that. Never got a notification on your reply so I missed it.
  9. Now buying 2 ADEPT and some Luck/Power materias. c:
  10. How much for these? ^^ Lindcray [40/0/0/50|0] Slicer of Vengeance [25/0/25/0|0] Great Fairy Sword [30/0/25/25|0] [Untekked] Thanks!
  11. Thread updated once again. I'm now including items that I am selling also, so take a look and see if there's anything you need! Thank you.
  12. Updated the post with something else I'm looking for. I'll also use this thread for any items I need to buy in the future as well to cut down on the number of threads I make. Thank you for checking. c:
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