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  1. Something changed about that rappy of mine... but what ? If you find out what, I'll give you one PD. If you do it with style, I'll give you 3 PDs. If you are being very persuasive, I'll give you 5 PDs. If... wait, that's enough like this. Good luck.

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    2. Evie


      haha I don't want any PDs, I don't log on anymore D: ... not even for PDs...maybe you should find three more PDs and buy yourself a lottery ticket xD

    3. Misombre


      I still have to discuss this with my lawyer, then we'll see if it's fine to cut the pineapple side wise to empty it with a little cut on the bottom. 

    4. Evie


      sorry I lost you at pineapple ♥_♥

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