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  1. I agree with this whole heartedly. This server used to be good before, events on time and GMs were actually on to monitor and get ahold of. I've come back for a short time in the summer event because some event items i want, ran into nothing but decline of the servers health. Its upsetting. Now the admins are never on and when they are you cant get ahold of them. I been tryin to redeem for about 24 hours now. I just got ahold of Snorlax (Mio?) would of thought i was the biggest bother in the world just asking for 2 minutes of his time to change a special from charge to demon. I understand if your busy and all, but this is someone tryin to use money(Donation Tickets) on your server. There has been ideas in the past to deal with this but none have been put into action. Hope you all get this cleaned up because the servers still got great quality. Just clean up whats going on please.
  2. @Noob Saibot I'll have to give that a shot when I get off work. Definitely hope it fixes it. Also, on the subject of getting in slow. Prior to update. I ran client instead of launcher. It let me log in normally. (Quick Curious if it's a faulty logging file added. (Just my 2 cents, I'm don't code though)
  3. dope. did it let you summon falz and kill her for Red Ring (since your Whitel) XD I got in after I did the launcher update and still same issue. wrong named stuff and stepped in forest to confirm. (tried them out) cent/battle did casual shot, not sure what it is now Gonna hit Soly up on this one. I'd do more tonight but darn work comes early and I rocked out to 2 hours off hh before tryin the patch trick and running into long load addition.
  4. Got on to play some event. seen bewbs is now a "minecraft costume" my cent/battle is now a "trap/search" my cent/ability turned into a "friendship ring" my hell laser is mia. totally. (not a big part, but annoying.) I've invested time and enjoyed this server, but this is insane. only played on one character. afraid to even get on the others. with the 10 minute log in time too. figure im gunna try to reload it tomorrow and hope for the best. if not it'd be cool to reach a GM so I can keep my progress. 42187959 guild card Ringhuntrr: character slot 2 (I believe)
  5. Shiga321

    Easter Event 2019

    Woo thanks for the event Once I get home it's time for the grind. Lots to get.
  6. Hmm. That that basically sums it up. I was just wondering mainly. Would it be that hard in the code to take that out or would it mess up the drop rate entirely. So it would be weapon, frame, barrier, unit, meseta. (Rare)
  7. Let me throw this in here just cause I don't care to see the none sense while we are talking about the server and quite obvious the dar. Do you have a point to the what your saying or just trying to instigate drama Besides that, do got a random question on DAR for Soly or GM. Why do you leave in the blank drop. Why not cut that out entirely. I'll reread and edit if missed something.
  8. I'm with a lot of the people on here. I rarely see or talk to people that get what they are hunting for and have to put in days to get the drops. GMs keep saying that it was a bug that drops were to much on triforce. Took me forever to get my Master Sword. Also for my Sacred bow. (Got 1 early but net on near end of event to get. Second) Even then economy was still going just fine and everyone was happy with drops and trading. If anything you could of just turned it down slightest bit but coming up and saying that you don't have to use the mode isn't the answer. So put it on shared so people can join your game and leave saying "shared is for loot ninja". Main reason I changed it over because apparenly you had jerks would steal the loot. But what you got going on now is just ruined the community as far as playing together as much. I see 80% locked games. Thought that individual wasn't suppose to have decrease when solo either. Done a lot of solo indiv. For red swords. Figured I would change over to shared. Started seeing drops actually show up. Anyway. Individual should have decrease, but still seems low. Although it being fixed wouldn't for sure get unlocked games. It would help.
  9. ahh RIP. :s not enough time for me then. thanks for hosting event. i'll try to submit on the next one. ( if the cam don't freak comp out)
  10. Gah. Tryin to get a cam rollin that don't just lag me out. Curse this laptop >.< best luck to everyone. How long til cut off?
  11. Sorry lil late. Thought it would take you awhile. I logged on and tried the triggers. and seems to be running fine now. I tried deposit/take out and consumables. Seems like that fixed it. thanks for the help.
  12. ah alright thats pretty wild. We did just fix that photon drops loss. alright im off the account. just message when ya figure out. Very much appriciated. thought i was bout to delete and have to rebuild that whitell.
  13. caught me while i was depositing. tried to deposit my pd (accident) and it dropped me x99 common. x72 on me. All the stuff i deposited stayed in common bank. As far as inventory. i have 18 currently. after block change
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