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  1. You should do the gov quests those give some rewards:
  2. if i have a stray mat can i ask that one to be deleted? With my hucast i used an evasion mat by mistake,do i have to use dts to delete that one too? Or can i ask a gm to just delete that mat for free? (just curious)
  3. qºLºp
  4. Went to a theme park Went to a water park Went to beach Went to a museum Went to a summer party Did rafting Did trekking
  5. Virus armor lafuteria has the same stats that appear on pso world or is buffed for ultima server? If so,what are the stats? Has min-max stats or just has fixed stats? TY!
  6. for the 3rd event,i have a yamigarasu with 0/25/25/0 if ur interested
  7. Zanbeacon drops for Skyly in ULT too,infact it is the only thing it drops lol ZANBEACONS everywhere. And Gratia is Summer Even only? Or drops always?
  8. i have one of those,never tried it tho.! Anyway,that shield is gratia right??
  9. So,how this works? i have some pcs,and i want to add hit to an Orotiagito,i just have to wait to a GM to be online and ask for it?
  10. Orotiagito pls
  11. awesome! can't wait >_<
  12. Use one person mode,its like single player,its easier and its good to leran the game mechanics. I recomend using RAcast or HUcast for starters.
  13. Ultima is an awesome server! (if not the best) Hope you enjoy your stay here!